Children's School PreK-5th

Where it all begins

The Children’s School is where your child’s college preparation begins. We focus on the basics while providing children as young as 3 in prekindergarten through 5th grade with the thinking and problem-solving skills they need to become life-long learners. Central to our teaching strategies is a highly interactive, hands-on classroom setting that is both challenging and supportive.

We aim to spark children’s innate curiosity, encouraging them to reach their full potential as they take on increasing responsibility and develop self-discipline. We recognize the value of individual attention and one-on-one time, so classes remain small and nurturing.

We encourage opportunities to learn and grow as a community through activities such as Book Buddies. Older students partner with younger ones and participate in weekly reading activities. This strengthens the education experience for students of all ages.

Our rigorous curriculum is deepened through experiential learning in the classroom and beyond. Teachers strive to bring hands-on experiences into everyday learning. Utilizing an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, dynamic Themes of Study immerse students in a particular subject. Examples include Colorado Ranching & Wildlife, the Human Body, and Symbols & Maps. Themes allow opportunities to incorporate active learning into the curriculum such as re-enacting the early 20th-century immigration of Europeans and their experiences through Ellis Island.

While focused on core subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history, we also value co-curricular subjects: band, computer science, music, Spanish, library, physical education, creative dramatics, and visual arts.