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Military Families

Military families have been an important part of our community for many years. Our proximity to Fort Carson, The Air Force Academy and Peterson Air Force Base has allowed us the opportunity to enroll children of military families who bring a variety of talents and experiences to our student body.

The Colorado Springs School – also a member of ChildCare Aware of America – embraces service to our community, values the contributions of those who serve our country, and recognizes the unique needs of these families relocating to Colorado Springs. We understand the unique situations that often accompany military service and are dedicated to helping you apply, enroll and navigate Indexed Tuition in a manner that best meets your needs and schedule.

Please contact us by email or by phone at (719) 434-3500 and let us know that you are a military family – we are happy to connect you with current military families attending CSS. To obtain CSS's ChildCare Aware of America provider number or receive assistance with completing any forms, please contact the Office of Admissions as well.

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ChildCare Aware of America
External Scholarship Opportunities

External Scholarship Opportunities

Families are encouraged to apply for external scholarships to assist their students in completing their journey with The Colorado Springs School. The following are among the many philanthropic organizations that partner with CSS to offer need-based scholarships for students in Colorado Springs.

Inspired Learning

Enrichment Opportunities for Private School & Homeschool Families
No parent should have to choose between their school of choice and extracurricular activities. Inspired Learning has been created for that purpose - to help your student reach their own personal goals by giving them access to reduced / no cost sports and activities. Follow the link and click on our Sports Support or PEP course to learn more about how Inspired Learning can help your student thrive at The Colorado Springs School.

Learn more about Inspired Learning

Parents Challenge

To be eligible for financial aid from Parents Challenge, you must:

  • Be a resident of El Paso County, Colorado
  • Meet federal income guidelines based on your total family income and the number of people in your household.

For those choosing to attend a private school like CSS, scholarships (up to $2,100 per year) are paid directly to CSS as partial payment for your annual tuition. (Checks are issued to the school with the parent verifying acceptance of scholarship.) Parent(s) are responsible for the remainder of the tuition and any other fees, materials, and transportation that may be required for enrollment in the private school.

Folds of Honor

Mission: We the people have found what unites us. It’s our honor to empower people from every walk of life through education and the opportunities it creates. Forty-one percent of Folds of Honor scholarships are awarded to minorities, making our recipient family as diverse as the country we call home.

Learn more about scholarship types and deadlines.

Folded Flag

For eligible children in grades K-12, The Folded Flag Foundation provides scholarships and educational grants to cover private school tuition and fees, tutoring, after-school programs, summer camps, and other related educational expenses.

Learn more about application requirements and the application process.