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Senior Capstone

A Culminating, Independent Project for CSS Seniors

What is Capstone? Seniors embark on an individualized, student-generated project toward the end of their final year at The Colorado Springs School. Each student's Capstone experience is developed in conjunction with their Capstone Advisor, Academic Advisor, and a Community Mentor, and culminates in an artifact or presentation to a Capstone committee, peers, and parents.

The Capstone experience provides direction, intention, and purpose for 12th grade students in their senior year, while reinforcing the school’s focus on project-based, individualized learning. It deepens students’ resumes, enhances their college applications by distinguishing them from the general pool of college applicants, and allows students to explore potential professional interests and career goals.

Capstone project topics include:

  • Writing a research paper on an area of interest

  • Creating a work of art, a play or film, a musical score, or a collection of songs or poems

  • Conducting scientific research

  • Designing a solution to an engineering problem

  • Learning a trade or skill

  • Working as an intern in a local business or nonprofit

  • Taking on a community service project

How does Capstone impact the Senior year?

To ensure success, students must meet preparatory deadlines over the course of the Senior year.

  • Students are released from non-AP senior classes on May 1 and are not required to take non-AP finals or to submit a senior digital portfolio

  • AP students continue to attend scheduled Advanced Placement classes and exams. Project requirements are calibrated to accommodate students with AP commitments.