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Lifetime Giving Society

In honor of donors who have contributed cumulative gifts of more than $50,000 to the school.
(We are still building out our historical records to accurately reflect a comprehensive list of Lifetime Giving Society donors. Please don’t hesitate to inform us of an oversight or donor that should be included.)

Leanne and Russ Acuff P’10
Jennifer and Will Bain P’25, P’22, P’21
Sarah and Brett Bartz P'31, P'29
Carl Bjorkman Foundation
Leigh and Al Buettner P’06
Allison and William V. Cabaniss Jr. P'29, P'28, P'27
Donna and Reed Cagle P’14
Capital Group Companies
Tami and Barron Collier II P’10
Corundum Foundation
Estate of Susan Barker Day ’70 – In Memory of James Day
Betsy and Warren Dean P’10, P’09, P’07
Patty and Raymond Deeny P’05, P’01
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Dwan G’10, G’06, G’04
Dwan Family Foundation Trust
Catherine Edborg P’72, P’78, P’80
Nancy Ekberg and Dr. Daniel Tynan P’09, P’07
El Pomar Foundation
Jordana and Howell M. Estes III P’07
Tia and Daniel Ferguson P’11, P’08
Caro and Randy A. Gardiner P’16, P’14, P’13
Gates Family Foundation
Loren George and Stephen Hyde P’08, P’07
Carla and Mike S. Hassell P’08, P’06
Jennifer and Robert Hedden P'21, P'23
Julie and Mark Hesse P’08, P’04
Melissa and Pio Hocate P’27, P’20, P’16
Harry Hoiles G’94, G’98, G’02
Heather and Leon Kelly P’30, P’27
Koch Trust
Inasmuch Foundation
Bernie G. Jackson P’19, P’17, P’15
Linda Jackson P’19, P’17, P’15
Kelly and Lynn Karnes P’08
Angie and Joe D. Kinlaw P’14, P’08, P’04
Janet and Mickey Landry P’03
Anita and Philip Lane P'17, P'14
Janet Lecompte P’67, P’79
Taryn and Weldon Long P'22
Jon Lovelace G’09, G’06
Claudia Lovelace P'09, P'06
Jeffrey Lovelace P’09, P’06
Lorie and Clinton Malone P’27, P’22, P’19
In memory of John-Alex Mason ‘94
John Robert Maytag
Robin and Mike McGrath P’03
Becky and Jon Medved Sr. P’08
Becky and Danny Mientka P'29, P'27
Robin and James F. Morley P’16, P’16, P’15, P’13
Sathya and Alan Monroe P’27, P’25, P’23
William C. Moyes P’13, P’12, P’05
Laura and William Nelson P’14
Katherine and John P. Norsworthy P’18, P’18
Holly and Allen G. Oliphant P’10, P’05
Parents Association of The Colorado Springs School
Katharine Leppard and Kevin Patterson P'21
Pikes Peak Community Foundation Donner Fund
Pikes Peak Community Foundation Alamo Avenue Fund
Susan and Ronald Robinson P’12, P’08
Mr. C. T. Robinson P’05, P’03
Patricia and John A. F. Smith P’10, P’06, P’04
Diane and Bradford Smith G’27, G’25
Susan and Steven Suggs P'05, P'99
Gertrude O. Sundgren G’10, G’05
Nancy and Raymond Swart G'29, G'28, G'27
Jennifer and Mark T. Thatcher P’14
The Anschutz Foundation
The Chapman Foundation
The JL Foundation
The Schweppe Foundation
The William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.
Tucker Foundation
Diane and Eric Weidman P’17, P’14
Laura and Charles Whiteside P’10, P’07
Lee Ann and Paul Williams P'23, P'21, P'19

P – denotes Parent and Child’s Graduation Year
G – denotes Grandparent and Grandchild’s Graduation Year