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Middle School 6th-8th

A Journey of Discovery

A Message from the Middle School Division Director

Erin Cerezo
Erin Cerezo
Middle School Division Director

Welcome to the Middle School Division at The Colorado Springs School.

Like no other developmental stage in a student’s life, the time from age 11 to 14 is a dynamic period, full of change and growth. Our Middle School community responds to these transitions by providing an important bridge between the self-contained environment of elementary school and the self-reliant expectations of high school. Through pedagogical practices grounded in deep relationships and personalized opportunities, students with varied interests, talents, and abilities excel and connect in the Middle School at CSS.

Our students are encouraged to broaden their academic horizons within a safe, supportive, and intellectually stimulating college preparatory environment. We generate curiosity through experiential learning and help students master the academic and organizational skills, and confidence necessary to succeed in college and beyond. Through small class sizes, interactive learning experiences, and several clubs and activities our students bond with their teachers and peers quickly and develop friendships built to last. They have the opportunity to become leaders, volunteer throughout the greater community, and get to know themselves and one another as independent thinkers and problem-solvers.

At a critical time when these young learners are actively searching for meaningful answers to many of life's questions, we aim to provide the right vistas for positive development. Our students receive the mentorship they need along their path to self-discovery. They learn more about the person they wish to become, get to know and understand their strengths and challenges, and uncover new passions.

The Middle School curriculum at CSS consists of modern and engaging content designed to help our students develop critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills, as well as the creativity, ingenuity, and global awareness needed to inspire personal agency and to make ethical and responsible decisions. Whether reading and writing across all subjects, creating and testing data in math, science, and technology, or constructing a connected web of knowledge through art, literature, and history, our programs build. This intricate structure provides students with the academic and interpersonal skills to succeed in our rigorous Upper School program, at the college of their choosing, and within the professional world.

Through grade-specific advisory themes, we strive to develop self-advocates with strong voices; young leaders willing to support their peers, the community, and important causes around them. As 6th graders, students learn to take care of themselves. In 7th grade, they focus on taking care of and thinking about others. And in 8th grade, they show their strength as leaders not only at CSS but in the greater community as well. Our caring faculty provides support and informed mentorship to guide students through the rough waters of early adolescence. Though the tween and early teen years can be challenging, we teach young people that they can accomplish hard things with help, practice, and patience. Our students pair with an advisor who keeps track of their social, academic, and emotional progress from the 6th to the 8th grade.

As a team, we help our students navigate and understand the unique challenges of this dynamic world while laying the foundation for a life of excellence.