Middle School 6th-8th

A journey of discovery

Like no other developmental stage in a student’s life, the period from ages 11 to 14 years is a dynamic time of change and growth. Our Middle School responds to this transition by providing an important bridge between the self-contained environment of elementary school and the self-reliant approach of high school. Students with varied interests, talents, and abilities excel and connect in the CSS Middle School.
Students broaden their academic horizons within a safe, supportive, and challenging college-preparatory environment. With smaller classes, our students become acquainted quickly and develop lasting friendships. They have the opportunity to become leaders, to volunteer in the community, and to challenge themselves and one another as independent thinkers and problem solvers. Most importantly they learn more about who they are, figure out their strengths and weaknesses, and discover their passions.

The Middle School curriculum encourages critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, ingenuity, and global awareness to inspire students to make ethical and responsible decisions. Our programs prepare students for our Upper School, college, and the professional world.

Our rigorous college-preparatory academics challenge every student. While focused on core subjects of English, history, mathematics, science, and world languages, we also value co-curricular subjects, including computer science, band, physical education, theatre, and visual arts.

We focus on developing self-advocates and young leaders through grade-specific advisory themes. As 6th graders, students learn to take care of themselves. In 7th grade, they focus on taking care and thinking of others. And in 8th grade, they become leaders at CSS and in the community-at-large.

Middle School students engage in an array of opportunities to strengthen self-discovery, including MatchWits, chess club, sports, theatre, art programs, and outdoor education.

Our strong faculty support and mentorship guides students through Middle School. Each student receives an advisor who tracks social, academic, and emotional progress from 6th to 8th grade. Advisors help them navigate and understand the unique challenges of a dynamic world.