College Counseling

College Counseling Philosophy

College counseling at CSS is an extension of the close relationship between students and faculty. Personal knowledge of our students, and of their passions and strengths, allows us to guide and support both students and parents in the search for the “right fit” college. To this end, our College Counselor consults with students, parents, and faculty throughout our four-year, intentional college preparation process, works closely with College Admission representatives across the nation, and personally advocates on behalf of our seniors as they apply to the colleges of their choice.

College Counseling Class

All sophomores take a college counseling class, College Overview, which both initiates the search and application process and prepares students for standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT. They learn about the role of the college admissions officer and how colleges review applications for decisions.

Strong Preparation for College
  • Robust Offering of Honors and AP Courses
  • Public Speaking Requirement
  • Ample Leadership Opportunities
  • Test Preparation Workshops
  • Gatecrashers: A College Counseling Speaker Series featuring admission directors and professionals from top colleges, Little Ivies, and Colleges that Change Lives
  • One-on-One visits with College Representatives
  • College Fair hosted at CSS
  • Electronic Research and Applications filing on Naviance website
  • Affiliation with National Association of College Admission Counselors