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Board of Trustees

The Colorado Springs School is a 501c3 nonprofit organization governed by a self-perpetuating, voluntary Board of Trustees. Its primary responsibility is to hold in trust the School’s future, as well as its present.

The Board and the Head of School work in partnership to fulfill the mission of the school. Board responsibilities include ensuring financial stability, establishing policy, hiring, evaluating, and supporting the Head of School, establishing a strategic plan, and ensuring the school is meeting its mission and goals. Its work is primarily long-range and strategic.

The Board of Trustees is also responsible for ensuring that the school operates in the best interests of its students, teachers, staff, and parents. Moreover, trustees must see that the school serves the public welfare, as the school is a non-profit, tax-exempt institution. CSS is privately managed and independent of state and federal prescriptions.

Many trustees are parents of students at CSS; others are alumnae/i, parents of alums, grandparents, and members of our community at large. The Head of School and one faculty member are ex-officio members.

2022-2023 Trustees

Heather Kelly BOT
Heather Kelly P’30, P’27 - President
Mike McGrath BOT
Mike McGrath P’03 - Treasurer
Jill Richardi BOT
Jill Richardi P’21, P’18 - Secretary
Sarah Bartz BOT
Dr. Sarah Bartz P'31, P'29
Emily Evans BOT
Emily Evans P'30
Lorie Malone BOT
Lorie Malone P’27, P’22, P’19
Ben Ralston BOT
Ben Ralston P’30
Kshama Belsare BOT
Kshama Belsare P'21
Jon Stepleton BOT
Jon Stepleton P'18, P'15

Ex-officio Members

  • Tambi L. Tyler, Head of School
  • Ellen Crow P’20, P’20, Faculty/Staff Member to the Board of Trustees

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