Summer Camps

The Colorado Springs School has provided summer camp experiences to children for over 30 years. While we encourage CSS families, in particular, to take advantage of these experiential experiences, summer programs are open to the public, and include a variety of STEM activities and athletics.


CSS All-Star Basketball Camp

The Colorado Springs School is proud to offer CSS All-Star Basketball Camps on-campus in the School's Honnen Tutt Field House. Led by Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame player Vickie Vaughan, CSS All-Star Basketball Camps teach athletes the sport of basketball in a fun, safe and healthy environment. Coach Vaughan – also Director of Athletics at CSS – has facilitated basketball camps for more than 25 years and has served as head coach of the CSS Kodiak basketball program for over 15 years. Questions? Email Coach Vicki Vaughan at

Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp

Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp (RMSC) – the longest running soccer camp in the nation – has been led by Camp Director Mark Perdew since 1992, and includes Mini-Camps, Day, Team, and Residential Camps. The RMSC experience ventures beyond the soccer field, teaching life lessons on integrity, sportsmanship, discipline, and responsibility while providing high-level training in a fun, safe and creative learning environment. Our staff use innovative methods to teach the game in a way that allows for enjoyment, easy understanding and quick improvement. For more information, please contact Coach Mark Perdew at or visit

CSS All-Star Volleyball Camp

The Colorado Springs School is proud to offer Volleyball Camp in the School's Honnen Tutt Field House. CSS's Head Middle School Volleyball Coach Blisse Beardsley emphasizes the fundamentals of volleyball while helping campers develop a love for the sport, hoping to leave a lasting impact on your child as they find inspiration, sharpen their athletic skills and develop a deeper understanding of the game. Email Coach Beardsley at for more information.

USA Chess Camp

USA Chess is the largest, premiere children's chess camp organizer across the United States, with staff comprised of the finest chess instructors in North America. Under their tutelage, campers of all interest levels – from casual to competitive – experience chess instruction and play in a fun-filled environment designed to improve their skills. Camp options include mornings, afternoons, and all-day sessions, with registration fees providing a trophy, chess set and more.

Challenger Sports Soccer Camps

Challenger Sports, the industry-leading soccer camp company in North America, combines the elements of two existing soccer camp programs – British Soccer and TetraBrazil – into a collection of the most effective practices used by youth teams worldwide. The new Challenger International Soccer Camp reflects the truly global nature of the sport, providing younger players with a variety of coaching styles, practices, and influences to help them develop a well-rounded skill set. Most camps include a free soccer ball, t-shirt, poster, and certificate.

Modding, Networking & Hosting with Minecraft

Minecraft has gained popularity due to its collaborative, open-ended and moddable nature. The week-long program begins with a basic tutorial of the game – its controls, recipes, hosting, and networking. Afterwards, campers will connect with different worlds hosted on CSS's secure server to experiment with character skins, mods, and custom maps. By day three, campers build their own rooms, moats, chessboards and more in this Active Learning World that grows over time. The possibilities are endless! As with all game creation options, this camp encourages creativity, storytelling, programming, and problem-solving for young learners.

Video Game Creation – Platform Style (in the Style of Sonic & Mario)

In this camp, children build a “Platform” game like Sonic or Mario to help their characters overcome obstacles and opponents, and eventually conquer the Big Boss. The character progresses on a long journey, with the background scrolling by as adversaries, prizes and obstacles are encountered along the way. While beginning lessons on the basics are similar to the Arcade course, they later diverge to encompass programming techniques needed to build a Platform game. As with all game creation options, this camp encourages creativity, storytelling, programming, and problem-solving for young minds.

Video Game Creation - Arcade Style (in the Style of PacMan & Asteroids)

An "Arcade" style game is created with action for each level on one screen, similar to the classics Centipede, Asteroids and PacMan. In this camp, children design a main character from their own imagination, along with other characters, or enemies, who pursue the main character as it dodges their attack. This character can score points by picking up objects and destroying enemy objects. The options are endless, as campers create level after level for a whole week of fun. As with all of our game creation options, this camp encourages creativity, storytelling, programming, and problem-solving for young minds.

Pokemon Engineering with Lego®

Explore engineering and the fun world of Pokemon under the guidance of a Play-Well instructor! Campers will join Ash and Pikachu in building, capturing, training and exploring the vast world of Pokemon with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts. During this camp, children will design their own Poke Balls, explore the Kanto region and fly with Charizard.

Pokemon Master Engineering with Lego®

Campers will start their training in Pallet Town and expand their Pokedex by collecting their favorite Pokemon with LEGO® materials. They'll surf with Blastoise, challenge Team Rocket, and earn badges from gym leaders on their way to the Pokemon League. Your child will be designing and building like never before, exploring their craziest ideas while learning STEM concepts.

Animal Architects With Lego®

Let your child's imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts, as they play, create, and learn in a world inspired by the animal kingdom. During this camp, they'll design and build leaping dolphins, buzzing beehives and towering giraffes, and explore creativity like never before.

Animal Master Architects With Lego®

Let your child be inspired by the natural innovation and engineering of the animal world, and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! They'll design and build fluttering butterflies, stomping elephants and fierce Tasmanian devils, while applying real-world mechanical engineering concepts to their art.