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Bus transportation is offered throughout the Pikes Peak region.

CSS is pleased to announce the expansion of our bus routes for the 2024-25 school year. Transportation is provided by Durham Bus services.

Bus Routes & Pricing

Bus routes are reviewed annually and several considerations are assessed, including, parent/student convenience, shifting demographics, traffic patterns, safety and security, and demand for ridership. Pricing ranges, with locations and times subject to change depending on ridership.

CSS transportation services do not include one-way, drop-ins, or partial refunds. Families may choose to pay an annual one-time payment for transportation services each August or elect to a monthly payment plan from August through May of that school year.

North Colorado Springs Route Map (Powers Corridor to Monument, Black Forest, Woodman Rd.)

I-25 Corridor Route Map (I-25 Corridor to West Side, Monument, Woodman Rd. )

Bus Route Round-Trip Cost (per child)
Powers Corridor Route - Monument/Lowe's 4252 Royal Palm Dr. 80920
Powers Corridor Route - Monument/Walmart - 5550 E. Woodmen Rd. 80920
Powers Corridor Route - Constitution/Lowe's - 2945 New Center Pt. 80922
I-25 Corridor / Monument/Barefoot Park - Roller Coaster Rd. 80921
I-25 Corridor / Woodmen Park & Ride - 6910 Mark Dabling Blvd 80919
I-25 Corridor / Huntington Bank - 3290 Centennial Blvd 80907
Code of Conduct
School Cancellations & Delays

Code of Conduct

Students’ behavior on CSS school buses/vans can directly affect their safety and the safety of others. Bus riders are expected to adhere to a code of conduct and are asked to read and adhere to these expectations.

School Cancellations & Delays

The Colorado Springs School is a PreK through 12 independent day school annually serving families across an approximately 40 zip-code radius and growing. Bus Services are provided by Durham Bus Services. Decisions pertaining to school delays and cancellations are strictly circumstantial and are made with any variety of the following factors in mind:

  • Travel conditions on major roadways
  • Availability of buses and drivers. CSS School vehicle fleet will be used for athletic competitions and off-site field trips such as Mountain Caravan, Experience-Centered Seminars, Seminars, Fall Adventure, and Colorado Expedition. Durham Bus Services will provide school transportation for daily operations.
  • Communications with area school districts
  • The status of other school delays and cancellations as reported by the Flash Alert Newswire across multiple communities
  • Text Alerts, email, website, and social media will be updated with the current status.

Deliberations of the school's leadership team and Facilities Office begin as soon as the possibility for inclement weather has been announced. Decisions are not made lightly and take into account several or all of the factors listed above. Every inclement weather day is situational, and we strive to ensure that families are safe while balancing the impact that missing school may have on academic learning and growth. Although the context for snow in our area is challenging, we look to make each decision with student well-being and learning at the forefront. We appreciate each family's support and partnership whenever a decision is made or not made to delay or cancel school.

Don't see your preferred route? If you would like to suggest a future route that is not listed, please submit your request to the business office via email at All Bus transportation is roundtrip, and we do not allow for daily drop-in service.