Experiential Education

Our Middle School students travel throughout the region on curriculum-based seminars designed to reinforce academic skills and teach life lessons through firsthand experience.

Beyond the classroom, Middle School Seminars provide students with in-depth, hands-on learning experiences. Students learn to apply academic principles in practical settings during Seminars. Students select Seminars that align with their interests and goals from these categories: Outdoor Education, Arts, Social/Current Issues, STEM, and Life Skills.

Through our focus on strong academics supported by experience-based learning, students:

  • Learn subject matter more thoroughly and more deeply, and retain information longer than in traditional, passive learning environments
  • Are active participants in a relaxed, focused atmosphere
  • Gain a sense of responsibility and independence, while also learning the importance of collaboration
  • Discover how to apply learned information to new settings
  • Learn about themselves, others, and the world
  • Develop the confidence that comes only by doing