Community Pledge

It takes the strength and growth mindset of our community to accomplish our mission and provide services for students. We pledge social responsibility to each other to stand together to prevent COVID-19 and/or other challenges. We know that there are safety measures that must be in place in order to keep our community safe. We all play a vital role in health and safety. We will all adhere to the heightened standards to protect our school. Our top priority is safety to students, teachers, and families of our broader community.

I Dedicate to Our Community:

  • To adhere to safety precautions and to extend grace and patience
    This is an unprecedented time of stress and uncertainty. I commit to seeking to actively look for opportunities to assist rather than exclude and ridicule. I will wear my mask to avoid community spread.

  • To practice daily self-care and assessment with integrity
    I will report my health status accurately and honestly to ensure safety for all. I will complete all safety forms.

  • To support faculty/staff and my student to ensure protocols are easily understood
    I will not contradict school safety protocols in order to ensure clarity and respect. COVID-19 can affect anyone of any age and I respect that safety comes first. I will train my student to keep safety paramount while learning on campus.

  • To remain flexible
    I realize that executive order, an outbreak, and absenteeism can affect on-campus learning. I understand that we may have to move to e-Learning if either of these situations arise.

  • To communicate transparently
    I will share with school leadership and the infirmary any new developments especially when information is necessary to ensure the safety of the school community.

  • To seek to understand
    I understand that CSS has a diverse student/family body and that we must support each other. I will not display unsafe behavior, shun, or ridicule others because they are different or have opinions that oppose mine.

  • To recognize space restrictions
    I understand that space restrictions will affect the school day and social distancing will be adhered to where possible.

  • To support the school mission
    I recognize that we are preparing students for a dynamic world and that education during the pandemic will take grit, resilience, courage, empathy, and integrity.