Signature Programs

Beyond the Classroom

During their time at CSS, students are offered many opportunities to go beyond the classroom and see their world and their own capacities in new and different ways. Our curriculum is more than the core subjects; it encompasses “everything we do with intention.” CSS clubs, music, drama, fine arts, and athletics programs delve into student interests and offer rich programs with opportunities for growth, performance, and competition that put the student in the center of the experience.

  • Leadership and Social and Emotional Learning: The CSS leadership curriculum is integrated throughout our programs and proceeds from the assumption that anyone can cultivate the empathy and the courage to work with other people to meet authentic challenges. By relying on cutting-edge research and trends, our goal is not to emulate certain leadership styles or actions but to put each student on a path to becoming an emotionally and socially aware person who can help a group define and achieve its goals.
  • Fine Arts: Exposure to a comprehensive fine arts program at a young age encourages students to develop their observational skills, their fine motor skills, their teamwork and communication abilities, and their appreciation of the aesthetics.
  • Performing Arts: Beginning in Children’s School, our developmentally-appropriate creative dramatics program and Dessert Theatre curriculum give each and every student a chance to learn lines, understand character and plot, and work as part of a team in creating real theatrical productions. These experiences increase in complexity and duration and build toward the Middle School and Upper School drama and production classes. The stage becomes a familiar and well-loved place for CSS students, enriching their education experience.
  • Athletics: CSS athletic programs balance traditional individual and team sports with offerings like Boys’ Volleyball and Mountain Biking. Our approach melds competitiveness and inclusivity and the top-notch coaches at CSS expand on their expertise in each sport to teach more than the game by stressing fitness, technical skills, fair play, and life lessons.