Signature Programs

Beyond the Classroom

Throughout their time at CSS, students venture beyond the classroom to discover the greater world and their own capacities in new and exciting ways. Our curriculum is more than just core subjects. Clubs and activities ranging from music and drama to fine arts and athletics promote growth, high-quality performance and healthy competition.

Leadership and Social & Emotional Learning

Middle School Students

The CSS leadership curriculum and social and emotional learning programs are based on cutting-edge research and trends, and founded on the belief that empathy and courage are essential to overcoming challenges.

Fine & Performing Arts

Dessert Theatre

Exposure to a comprehensive fine arts program at a young age encourages students to improve their observational, fine motor, teamwork and communication skills, and to develop an appreciation for aesthetics.

The stage also becomes a familiar and well-loved place for CSS students, enriching their educational experience. Beginning in the Children’s School, our developmentally-appropriate creative dramatics program and Dessert Theatre curriculum give students a chance to learn lines, understand character and plot, and work as a team to create real theatrical productions. These experiences increase in complexity and duration in the Middle and Upper Schools to prepare students for drama and production classes.


Upper School Girls' Volleyball

CSS athletic programs balance traditional individual and team sports, with offerings like volleyball and mountain biking. We meld competitiveness and inclusivity and employ top-notch coaches at CSS to help students not only enhance their skill level in each sport, but also learn the importance of fitness, teamwork and fair play.