Experiential Education

We embrace the concept of learning by doing, both within and beyond the classroom. Our Children’s School students also travel throughout Colorado on curriculum-based trips designed to teach academic principles and life lessons through firsthand experience.

Fall Adventure

Students in the Children's School participate in Fall Adventure for community-building activities beyond the normal school day that draw on their classroom lessons. The idea is to expand their comfort zones while engaging in problem-solving and collaboration with their classmates.

Colorado Expedition

In the spring, students study the early cultures of Colorado, which are highlighted during Colorado Expedition during which they travel locally and out of town to experience the state's history firsthand. For example, prekindergarten students may explore the CSS campus, including the pond to examine and learn about the animals that live there, and attend hands-on educational lessons led by groups such as Catamount Institute. Fifth graders may camp at and explore Mesa Verde National Park, known for its well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings.

Dessert Theatre

Each Children’s School class presents a Dessert Theatre performance in which they combine performing arts with one of their Themes of Study. The program allows kindergarten through 5th-grade students the freedom to explore the world through characters while solving problems, and growing their communication skills and confidence. Performing on stage gives children opportunities to share what they’ve learned and to develop confidence and poise. Presenting their theme also helps students retain the knowledge they gained during their classroom studies. They learn to work together and incorporate their classmates' ideas while figuring out how to compromise. Dessert Theatre encourages students to discover their creative voices within the context of a larger group working toward a common goal.