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Petit, Ann

Director of Student Programs


Petit, Ann

Director of Student Programs

M.A., Communication, University of New Mexico

B.S., Marketing, Babson College

B.S., Communications, Babson College

What is your role at CSS? I am the Director of Student Programs. I oversee all our out of classroom experiential education programs. I am also the touchpoint for our international students.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I was a registered lobbyist for the State of New Mexico. I am also somewhat of a sci-fi geek. I love Dr. Who!

What is a favorite memory at CSS?
I loved going on Walkabout! Spending that amount of time with students in the outdoors is a gift.

What is one thing you’ve learned from students?
I love our students’ openness and excitement about learning and experiencing new things. I try to keep that mindset as well.

What is one thing you enjoy about CSS?
I love that our school is PreK through 12th and I can work with students of all ages. I also love my amazing and supportive co-workers!

What is your favorite spot in the world?
Any place outdoors, but especially Yosemite National Park.