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Upper School Students Take National History Day Awards

Elena Bridget croppedEvery year, many Middle and High School age students across our nation “DO” History by creating a research paper, a multimedia documentary, a web site, a dramatic performance or an imaginative exhibit on a topic of their own choosing. The projects begin at the regional level. Those who win there, go on to compete at the state level. Those who win there go on, finally, to compete at the national competition on the East Coast.

Projects are judged on the quality of one’s research, primary sources, historical accuracy, presentation of thesis and argument and on how well they relate to the national theme. This year, that theme was Rights and Responsibilities.

Well, this past Saturday was the National History Day Regional Competition at The Colorado College.

CSS had three place winners that will now compete in the NHD State competition on May 3rd in Denver:

  • Elena M.-V. got 2nd Place, Individual Documentary Category, for her project on the lasting, negative influences of King Leopold on the Congolese people.
  • Ivy M. got 2nd Place, Individual Web Site Category for her informative website on Amache, Japanese Internment, here in Colorado during World War 2.
  • Bridget F. got 1st Place, Individual Documentary Category for her project on the impacts of the Ludlow Massacre, a tragedy against mine workers that occurred in 1914 here in Colorado


CSS 9th graders also won two special awards:

  • Sarah W. received Outstanding project on Western History for her research paper on the diversion of water from Owens Valley to Los Angeles, and the trampled rights of the citizens of Owen Valley.
  • And, once again, Bridget F. won a special prize, Best project about the Ludlow Massacre, for which she received a cash prize from the United Mine Workers of America.

This means that CSS scooped up the highest accolades for three out of five categories: documentary, research paper, and website! This was a big day for CSS, as these girls competed against students from many other Colorado Springs high schools, private and public!  These students were all guided by their history teacher, Mrs. Candace Craig.

They are now ready to ROAR to STATE.