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Tuition Announcement for 2021-2022

December 17, 2020

Greetings CSS Families,
Acknowledging both the challenges and adversity felt this year, and likely into 2021, the Board of Trustees has voted not to raise tuition for 2021-2022. Tuition increases ranging from 3-5% are typical for most independent and private schools based on rising expenses, including employee compensation and insurance increases. As a school, 75% of our budget is concentrated on human personnel, dedicated teachers, and staff who masterfully ensure the mission is delivered to students.
The role of charitable giving strengthens our ability to be agile in our budgeting. The powerful combination of tuition revenue and philanthropy allows the school to cover the gap. Through generous giving, we can invest in signature programs, recruit and retain high-caliber teachers, and absorb the shock and expenses of risk mitigation in a year such as this. Without tax-deductible giving, the core weakens. Subsequently, we become more reliant on tuition revenue and increases in order to operate.
In addition to not increasing tuition for 2021-2022, the Board also voted to continue substantive financial planning tools, including:
The combined impact of these efforts demonstrates a commitment to partnering with families who believe in the mission of CSS. Re-enrollment occurs annually between February 1-15. Re-enrolling by February 15 secures a family’s tuition lock and a student’s place in the class.
As we close the semester, I wish to give each and every one of you our traditional sign-off in a Zoom meeting – jazz hands and silent applause! Parents, students, teachers, and everyone who has chosen to lift each other higher during this time deserves a round of applause. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you in carline come January 5.
The CSS faculty and staff wish you and yours a wonderful, safe, and healthy holiday season.
Tambi Tyler
Head of School