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Students Shine in Annual Revue Talent Show

Students from 4th through 12th grade showcased their talent through skits, songs, and more at the annual Revue. This year's theme was Broadway and Entertainment and takes place on October 6, 2023, before a packed audience in the Louisa Performing Arts Center. Ninth graders Phoebe H. and Kenzie H. hosted the event, which included 4th-grade students performing snippets of Little Shop of Horrors and Wicked and 5th-grade students performing snippets of West Side Story and Phantom of the Opera. Eighth graders performed Rapunzel in less than five minutes. Students also performed musical solos, a contortion act, magic tricks, and piano melodies. Kudos to all of our performers! The evening concluded with the return of the CSS Bonfore in the gravel lot.