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Storytelling Through Film ECS | Learning to Edit Video

March 10, 2020

In the editing lab with Oanh Le.

Today all of the students started off the day with a brief introduction to editing. We all got the chance to dive a bit deeper into this process through the guidance of Oanh Le. She joined the group after travelling from Denver and broke down the ins-and-outs of Adobe Premiere, a professional editing app used to create smooth transitions, different effects, add audio, etc. Ms. Le was a very informed individual who began by making it very clear how to utilize the simple features in the software in order to take some excellent steps and make our films turn out just how we would like it. All of us had the chance today to grasp a full understanding of how to best apply the techniques that will take our films to the next level. As an editor for one of the various films in the process of being produced, today’s guest speaker really assisted in informing me how to efficiently use Adobe Premiere.

My film is titled A Legacy Uncovered. It depicts how athletics have severely impacted the lives of an assortment of people, and it captures what it really means to leave a legacy at CSS. Aside from several interviews, this documentary includes clips of teams who are making history, school spirit, as well as the younger generations putting in some hard work. All of these clips can now be effectively incorporated into my group’s film after gaining some knowledge, particularly about how to edit lighting and add transitions. Once our session with Ms. Le was completed, we concluded the day by spending some time gathering more footage for our documentaries. Overall, today was a day to familiarize ourselves with the editing process and to really begin putting everything together.

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In the editing lab with Oanh Le.