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ECS Blogs

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2020 Bonaire Scuba ECS
2020 Espana ECS
2020 Power to the People ECS
2020 Storytelling Through Film ECS
2020 Studio Glass ECS
2020 Wilderness Emergency Medicine ECS

Each year the Upper School student’s share blogs about their experiences. Time and access to technology will vary for each ECS and frequency of posts will also vary. 

Experience Centered Seminars (ECSs) are an integral part of the Upper School program and give our students the skills necessary to conduct large-scale investigations in college and beyond. Each March, our students participate in a three- to four-week-long study that immerses them in academic subjects through a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach. These seminars approach broad, interdisciplinary questions to optimize the teaching of critical thinking, organized inquiry, in-depth analysis, and synthesis of information. They demand direct active participation and primary research in an environment outside of the classroom. Academic requirements include oral and written presentations, term papers, group work, and projects, or final exams. The ECS experience sets our students apart as they move into the collegiate world and beyond.

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