Middle School Students Explore During Seminar III

Prior to the end of the school year, students in 6th through 8th grades embarked on Seminar III of CSS's three-part signature Middle School program, which provides in-depth, hands-on learning opportunities beyond the campus walls. Adventures included music production, camping in the Rockies, life skills, Southwest photography in New Mexico, and a Walkabout in Utah.

Middle Schoolers attend three seminars per year at The Colorado Springs School. Seminar I signifies community bonding for all students as they camp together with faculty and staff and participate in a number of team-building exercises. During Seminars II & III, students are tasked with selecting from educational topics that align with their unique interests and goals. Subjects range from Outdoor Education, Arts, and Social/Current Issues to STEM and Life Skills. The entire Middle School Seminar experience culminates with an 8th-grade Walkabout, a nine-day exploration of Utah’s canyon and river country, emphasizing leadership lessons and growth.

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