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Middle Schoolers Reach for the Sky During Seminar I

The Middle School division embarked on Seminar I from August 31 through September 2, 2022, as students and faculty spent two nights camping near the 14'er Mount Sherman. Students set goals for the hike, and while some planned to reach the summit, others strived to trek as far as they simply could. We are proud of all of our Middle Schoolers for taking this journey!

"Whatever their goal was, they were supported," Experiential Education & Auxiliary Programs Coordinator Bronwyn Holman said. "We all waited at the bottom and cheered as each student came down."

A longstanding tradition, students in grades six through eight attend three Seminars per year at The Colorado Springs School. For Seminars II & III, students are tasked with selecting from topics that align with their unique interests and goals, with offerings ranging from Outdoor Education, Arts, and Social/Current Issues to STEM and Life Skills.

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