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Lower School Launches Dessert Theatre Season

Performances by 3rd and 5th grades on Friday, January 26, 2024, kicked off Lower School's Dessert Theatre season in the Louisa Performing Arts Center. Dessert Theatre, which began more than 50 years ago at CSS, allows students as early as Kindergarten the freedom to explore the world through characters while solving problems and growing their communication skills and confidence.

Mystery at the History Museum combined 3rd and 5th grades. While 3rd graders worked on lines and characters with Director Rachel Pratt, 5th graders learned and practiced songs with Band Director Brent Moorhead to accompany the script. The music helped immerse the audience in this captivating play where paintings and statues mysteriously animate during a lightning storm, leaving everyone puzzled. Museum employees, guests, scientists, and even historical figures joined forces to unravel the enigma behind this supernatural occurrence. The plot was an intriguing blend of history, science, and imagination, creating an engaging theatrical experience for the audience.

Fifth-grade students performed an abridged version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, a delightful rendition where students bring Shakespeare's classic to life with youthful energy. Using the original text, this play is skillfully abridged, ensuring accessibility for all ages. The audience witnessed the magic of Puck, the whimsy of fairies, and the comical entanglements of young lovers, as the young performers showcased their talent with the Bard's timeless words. Excitingly, these budding actors will reprise this script at the Denver Shakespeare Festival later this semester, offering a unique experience and fresh perspectives as actors take on new roles.