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Decision Day! Class of 2020 College Matriculation

June 01, 2020

Celebrating more than $4.6 million in reported merit scholarships and awards, the 24 graduates in The Colorado Springs School’s Class of 2020 are prepared for a dynamic world.

The Class of 2020 earned an ACT of 28 and SAT of 1298, while peers across the country reported a national average on 20.8 on the ACT and 1059 on the SAT. One student earned the status of a National Merit Scholar Commended student and 16 students in the class were members of the Ursa chapter of the National Honor Society, in addition to excelling in academics, athletics, and as artists. Students in the class gained acceptances to 116 colleges and universities. Students in the Class of 2020 draw from 12 zip codes throughout the Pikes Peak region and included three international students.

While their senior year was disrupted by a global pandemic, these students faced challenges with grace and flexibility. They completed their classes through e-Learning, reimagined Senior Capstones, and took Advanced Placement exams online. Not to mention the Class of 2020 embraced unique ways of celebrating end-of-year traditions with online award ceremonies, senior tribute night, and individual, socially-distanced diploma conferment ceremonies.

College Matriculation

Spencer Theodore Becker - Eindhoven University of Technology
*Autumn Estes Crow - Knox College
*Kylie Marie Crow - Middlebury College
*Katherine Claire Voight Griffin - Colorado State University
Sixuan Gu - University College London
*Hayden Pio Hocate - Loyola University Maryland
*Kyle John Jarolimek - University of Denver
*Peixi Jiang - University of California, Berkeley
*Samuel Aaron Johnson - Lawrence University (Conservatory of Music)
*Tiffany Grace Johnston - University of North Carolina Wilmington
*Leggatt White Kerek - University of Vermont
*Sarina Suzanne Nabil Mansour - Colorado State University
Isabela Fe Martinez - University of Colorado Boulder
*Ellie Yvonne Noel - State College of Florida
*Frank Estin Novak - Illinois Institute of Technology
*Matthew Elisha Paschal - University of Colorado at Boulder (Aerospace Engineering)
Clarence James Roles - United States Army
*Bijan Zachary Shafii - Colorado State University
Abrielle Elise Stikeleather - The University of Arizona
*Hina Suzuki - Penn State University
Sophia Julianne Szabo - University of Colorado Boulder
Kohki Tanizaki - Gap Year
*John Luke Taylor - Texas Christian University
Lyndon Anand Setaram Wolfe - Gap Year

* National Honor Society member
Admission into special programs (listed in parentheses) denotes selective admission beyond general university admission.