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Class of 2028 Celebrated at 8th Grade Continuation Ceremony

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, parents, students, faculty, and staff celebrated the Class of 2028 at The Colorado Springs School's 47th Annual Eighth Grade Continuation Ceremony in the Louisa Performing Arts Center.

"You are at the threshold of your future. Your educational foundation has been solidified; everything you do academically from here on will build on this foundation," said Erin Cerezo, Lower and Middle School Director. "We are proud of you, and we know that you are well-prepared to make the most of the next four years. Thank you for being the amazing young people you are."

Eighth-grade choir soloists April C. and Selena G. with Accompanist Mia V. performed the Alma Mater, as well as "A Million Dreams" later in the ceremony as a tribute to their classmates. Associate Head of School Ellen Crow presented the following students with Longevity Awards for having attended CSS continuously since Kindergarten or earlier: Lexi. G., Tyler J., and Maxwell U. Faculty members introduced each student, who then read an essay about their Middle School experience.

Norah O. '25, Upper School Forum President-Elect, welcomed the Class of 2028 to the Upper School and touched on how much growth occurs during the next four years, not just physically but in every sense of the word.

"Overall, the very best advice I can offer you is to communicate, because it goes hand in hand with this idea of growing along with the people around you. Talk to your teachers. Talk to your classmates. Connect with students in different grades from you. Respond to your emails. Try something new. Stretch out of your comfort zone. Don’t restrict yourself to just the CSS community -- find a way to get out there in the greater Colorado Springs area!" Norah said. "And put your all into everything you do, even if it means taking on fewer commitments so you don’t burn yourself out -- that’s a skill I still haven’t really developed yet, and that’s okay. But when you care about the things that you do, other people will notice, and they will start caring more too."

The ceremony concluded with closing remarks from Associate Head of School Ellen Crow.

"While it will no doubt be challenging to balance school, extra-curricular activities, home life, and your social life, the opportunities to discover your true passions at the upper school level are endless," she said. "Whenever you feel conflicted or overwhelmed by the many possibilities that lie before you, consider the challenges you’ve overcome whether trekking through canyons and rafting down winding rivers in Utah earlier this month or stretching beyond your comfort zone in class or other seminars all year long. Each experience has been instrumental to your growth and development, not just as a student but as the remarkable human you are now and are becoming."

Congratulations to the Class of 2028: Elina A-C., Lucas B., William B-F., Sawyer C., April C., Anna D., Gisele-Alegra D., Owen F., Selena G., Lexi G., Tyler J., Ryleigh M., Naia M., Matthew O., Krista O., Ellie T., Maxwell U., Mia V., and Quinn W.