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Class of 2024 College Matriculation

Celebrating an astounding $11.1 million in merit scholarships and awards, the 26 graduates of The Colorado Springs School’s Class of 2024 are prepared for a dynamic world.

-Other fun facts about the Class of 2024:
-Students earned an average ACT score of 22.6
-Students earned an average SAT score of 1202
-Boasted one National Merit Scholarship Finalist (Adhista Eadala)
-Gained 199 acceptances to colleges and universities
-Sixteen students are members of the Ursa chapter of the National Honor Society

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Noah Bagnall - University of Denver

John Baldwin - University of Denver

Mulka Bhatti* - University of California, Irvine

Adhista Eadala* - Washington University in St. Louis

Emmit Gaul - Colorado College

Catcher Griffin - University of Denver

Scott Hayes - Whitman College

Paige Heck* - Wheaton College (Massachusetts)

Alexander Hill* - Florida Southern College

Celina Kim* - Colorado College

Ryan Lissy - Colorado Mesa University

Mia Lybecker* - Quinnipiac University

Sofie McKeen - University of New Mexico

Imogen Melton* - Rome City Institute

Hannah Momber - San Diego State University

Caleb Pelanne* - Centre college

Katelyn Ragsdale* - Metropolitan State University of Denver

Micah Reickert* - University of Denver

Jaiden Shtatman* - University of Denver

Nathan Sobral* - Franklin & Marshall College

Lucia Stevens* - Wesleyan University

Xander Taylor - University of South Dakota

Matilda Verruso* - Texas Christian University

Nora Vincent* - Colorado State University

Ahna Wolff* - St. John’s College

Isabelle Zamundu* - Bard College

*National Honor Society Member