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Celebrating Children's School Art

On Friday, April 22, 2022, The Colorado Springs School held a PreKindergarten Art Show and Celebration of the Arts to honor Children's School students.

The PreK Art Show held in the Trianon Terrace Room highlighted the work of CSS's youngest Kodiak artists through an exhibition of paintings, drawings, clay sculptures, and more.

The Children's School Celebration of the Arts assembly included musical performances from the 4th and 5th Grade Bands and Children's School Choir along with poetry performances, art awards, and more in the Louisa Performing Arts Center.

The following students were recognized for having their artwork selected to appear in the 59th annual Pikes Peak Young People’s Art Exhibition:

  • Ella S. (Kindergarten) - sea turtle made from plaster cast and clay;
  • Patrick R. (1st grade) - collage with paint and paper;
  • Sofia T. (2nd grade) - apples in a basket crated with construction paper, oil pastels, and paint;
  • Zara K. (3rd grade) - whimsical abstract print;
  • Genevieve R. (4th grade) - clay mask;
  • Liliana G. (4th grade) - painting;
  • Eleanor S. (5th grade) - terracotta clay character; and
  • Shayla K. (5th grade) - mosaic collage.

The online art exhibit included more than 200 entries from students in Kindergarten through 5th grade across 21 schools located throughout the Colorado Springs region.

Noah H.
(5th grade) was also presented with the Permanent Art Collection Award for his terracotta character titled "Peaceful Warrior" to represent the Children's School this year. Noah’s character exemplifies his attention to detail, ability to create realistic texture and facial features, and overall excellent technique. Noah decided he wanted his warrior to hold a piece of pottery as an offering, emphasizing the feeling of a peaceful warrior.