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Another Snow Day

March 15, 2021

Starting off the last week of our Seminar we have yet another snow day which meant virtual learning for us. We started the day off with some independent work about a Fungus that causes inflammation around the brain and spine area and how it originated and its impact on the country. I personally don’t like those independent work sessions and I am way more into class discussion about what we got to do later on that day. While we were working on the independent assignment, Dr Gillon took some time to check in with every group on how they are doing on their model of the pandemic. We got challenged over the weekend to come up with a solution how we could include different age groups into our model. There were for my group some challenges at the beginning because we couldn’t figure out how to limit our exponential growth of new infections until Dr Gillon introduced us to a new form of Function that deals with that Problem: A Logistic Growth Function. After Lunch we finished the independent work by checking in with everybody and then continued learning about how to make good decisions for public health. We learned about a new factor adding onto the already learned QALY (Quality Adjusted Life Years): game theory. We had a colorful discussion about a bet with the devil during that discussion. We took a short detour to the prisoner’s dilemma and with that the day was already over.