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2020 Presentation of Student Awards

May 28, 2020

During celebrations for the Class of 2020, the following major awards were bestowed to students at the Senior Tribute Night e-celebrations and applauded during individual Diploma Conferment Ceremonies.

Longevity Awards

The Longevity Award is one that we give to students who have attended The Colorado Springs School for all or almost all of their educational career, since Preschool, PreKindergarten and Kindergarten.

Class of 2020 Longevity Award recipients: Hayden, Matt and Sam

Enrolled in Preschool in 2004: Hayden Hocate
Enrolled in Preschool in 2005: Sam Johnson and Matt Paschal
Enrolled in PreKindergarten in 2006: Abrielle Stikeleather
Enrolled in Kindergarten in 2007: Sarina Mansour and Luke Taylor

Class of 2020 Longevity Award recipients: Abrielle, Sarina, and Luke

Faculty Cup Award

Each year, the Faculty Cup is presented to the Senior who is recognized by the Upper School faculty as an exemplary representative of The Colorado Springs School.

Luke Taylor. This year’s recipient of the Faculty Cup is a young man who personifies everything The Colorado Springs School envisions and hopes for in a CSS graduate. Luke Taylor the Class of 2020 recipient of the Faculty Cup Award

He is a thoughtful, disciplined student, and a critical thinker who has brought a lively intelligence to both academics and real-world problems.

Luke is a leader who has demonstrated ingenuity, steadiness, and empathy as president of his senior class and as a member of Forum and the National Honor Society; and he has modeled grit, teamwork, and sportsmanship on the athletic courts, serving as captain of the basketball and tennis teams.

In the last few years, he has also unveiled a winning stage presence, acting, singing, and dancing in productions of Oklahoma and The Servant of Two Masters. Personally, I saw this flair for the dramatic coming after watching him and Sam Johnson’s 27 song lip-sync in the Revue several years ago.

At the root of Luke’s remarkable accomplishments is an unflagging determination to contribute and to put his considerable gifts at the service of enterprises beyond himself.

Whether simply volunteering his truck to transport materials for the bonfire, organizing student government elections during this recent period of e-Learning, raising funds to support our local military community, or taking time out of the school day to seek out a fellow student or a teacher in need of a little conversation and human connection, Luke has made a practice of being present and extending a hand, a good word, and a smile.

Those who know this young man’s family, their generosity and belief in service and community, and their history of personal tragedy and self-sacrifice will find it easy to trace the genealogy of this student’s dedication to service beyond the self. But the decision to shoulder that inheritance and carry it forward with such grace and goodwill is all his own. Congratulations, Luke.”

The Margaret White Campbell Award

In honor of our founding Head of School, the Margaret White Campbell Award recognizes academic excellence, leadership, service to the CSS community, and general character. Each year, this award is presented to the senior deemed by the Upper School faculty as that young person who best exemplifies the highest model of excellence in all areas.Autumn Crow the recipient of the school's highest honor, the Margaret White Camp

Autumn Crow. Fittingly, we have prepared a somewhat cerebral citation. Autumn was born 18 years ago in the spring. As a young child, like a springtime plant, as she grew she appreciated the nurturing of her proverbial gardeners — her family and later her teachers and her peers.

During the summer of her life, this student began to take measured intellectual risks, which prompted growth. She strove to move out of a rather protected, introverted cocoon as she served as a Full STEAM Ahead mentor for two summers, boldly leading young middle schoolers through creative writing exercises and cooking projects, along with courses on innovation and brain science.

Her summertime growth continued as she attended a professional leadership camp, which reinforced Autumn’s skills and confidence. Later, she pushed herself out of her comfort zone a second time by returning as a mate to the tall ship that she first experienced on her Experience-Centered Seminar.

As summer moved to winter, Ms. Abrahams and Profe Kunze stated that even when Autumn wasn’t the leader of the day during the Spain ECS, she led every day, in Spanish no less. At school, she practiced academic leadership on a daily basis by tackling numerous Advanced Placement classes.

She served as an inspirational president of the CSS National Honor Society, for which her fellow members awarded her the NHS Leadership Award and the Upper School faculty gave her the NHS Scholarship Award.

Throughout her high school years, with her talented twin sister, Kylie, she ran cross country and co-anchored the CSS girls soccer program. While doing so, she more than kept up with CSS academics, earning the Kodiak Scholar-Athlete Award with the highest GPA for a two-sport senior athlete.

Collectively her teachers captured the essence of this remarkable young woman by referring to her as “an intellectual juggernaut” “who values service to others while modeling superlative character,” and a person who is “passionate and persistent,” “resilient”, and “determined.”

Autumn, thank you for letting us discuss the other seasons and for everything else. Congratulations.”

Additional Awards

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Autumn Crow the recipient of the school's highest honor, the Margaret White Camp
Luke Taylor the Class of 2020 recipient of the Faculty Cup Award
Class of 2020 Longevity Award recipients: Hayden, Matt and Sam
Class of 2020 Longevity Award recipients: Abrielle, Sarina, and Luke