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Honor Roll of Donors 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 school year was certainly marked by incredible accomplishments in spite of some major disruptions, namely a global pandemic. The Colorado Springs School was proudly voted the Best Private School in the Pikes Peak region by the Business Journal. For that badge of honor, we are grateful but more so applaud everyone who stood together to lift up and celebrate students during this time. Beyond measure, we are grateful for:

• Our steadfast teachers who transitioned masterfully to deliver e-Learning.
• Our families who became heroes in their own homes during stay-at-home orders.
• Our students who truly meet the challenges of a dynamic world.
• Our donors who give generously and allow the school to be agile in its decision-making and poised to invest in the student experience.

In the fall the school focused its attention on the Annual Fund and made a concerted effort for donors to become esteemed members of the Claremont Society by giving a leadership level gift of $1,962 or more. More than 80 donors answered the call for the Claremont Society. In total, Annual Fund giving reached $338,478 toward our $400,000 goal. Gifts were appreciated at every level, from donors representing current parents, alumni parents, faculty/staff, Board of Trustees, grandparents, and alumni. The combination of charitable giving above and beyond tuition payments bridges the gap of the true cost of a CSS education.

The highlight of the fundraising year came on the heels of the school’s pivot to e-Learning and during stay-at-home orders issued as a result of COVID-19. The highly successful and budget-busting Gala & Auction was reimagined as a virtual event with a take-out dining experience, inspiring program, online bidding, and a living room dance party. From their homes, families gave generously during this event resulting in a net outcome of $147,000. This incredible surplus against our $80,000 budgeted gala goal help off-set the lag witnessed in the Annual Fund. Beyond the dollars raised, CSS was fortified as the community mobilized in ways we never knew were possible. The e-Gala & Auction launched a new level of togetherness in a time compounded by uncertainty and adversity.

As always, we give a reflective nod to those who stand tall as pillars of philanthropy throughout the school’s history. We thank those who are members of the Lifetime Giving Society as they have contributed a collective sum of $50,000 or more to the school over the years. These are the people and organizations who imagined our school, built facilities, invested in capital projects, endowed programs, and made transformational gifts over the last 60 years.

Honor Roll of Donors

Our Honor Roll of Donors represents philanthropic gifts made by June 30, 2020, to the school’s Annual Fund, Restricted gift programs, and the Gala’s “Raise Your Paddle” giving opportunity.

Claremont Society Donors

We offer sincere gratitude and appreciation to those donors who have made leadership gifts of $1,962 or more in 2019-2020.

Claremont Society: Legacy Leaders - $20,000 and up

Allison and Will Cabaniss Jr. P’29, P’28, P’27 & Nancy and Ray Swart G’27, G’28, G’29
Melissa and Pio Hocate P’27, P’20, P’16
Becky and Danny Mientka P’29, P’27
Diane and Bradford Smith G’27, G’25

Claremont Society: Leadership Circle - $10,000 - $19,999

Merrisue and Brent Baldwin P’26, P’24
Sarah and Brett Bartz P’31, P’29
Patty and Ray Deeny P’05, P’01
Heather and Leon Kelly P’30, P’27
Katharine Leppard and Kevin Patterson P’21
Taryn and Weldon Long P’22
Lorie and Clinton Malone P’27, P’22, P’19
Andrea Miller and Sanjay Bhatnagar P’31, P’28
Lee Ann and Paul Williams P’23, P’21, P’19

Claremont Society: Sponsors Circle - $5,000 - $9,999

Tia and Daniel Ferguson P’11, P’08
Margot Gray and Jeff Gaul P’24, P’21
Sathya and Alan Monroe P’26, P’25, P’23
Amy Noffke and Ramin Sarrafizadeh P’32
Lindsay and Michael Samora P’27, P’25
Jill and Aaron Smith P’30, P’27, P’25
Suki and Raymond Thomas P’18, P’17
Koch Trust

Claremont Society: Benefactors Circle - $3,000 - $4,999

Jennifer and Will Bain P’25, P’22, P’21
Aubryn and Adam Bednar P’32, P’28
Sarah Brandt and Jeffrey Lee P’32, P’22
Jackie Day and Jose Deocon Jr. P’27, P’26
Dr. Michael Edmonds
Barbara and Larry Gaddis
Rachael and Michael Krueger P’30
Hendrika and Chris Layton P’21
Katherine and Jay Mayne P’30
Nikki and Zachary McComsey P’32
Robin and Michael McGrath P’03
Kristin and Kevin Penn P’26, P’24
Carol and Gil Porat P’26, P’22
Brooke and Bradley Rawls P’32, P’30
Lisa and Jason Reid P’23, P’21
Amy Noffke and Ramin Sarrafizadeh P’32
Anna Sass and Aaron Schubach P’25
Carol Sass G’25
Allison Sabel-Soteres and Daniel Soteres P’25
Eva R. Stefanac ‘00
Tracey and Jules Watson P’05, P’03

Claremont Society: Members Circle - $1,962 - $2,999

Laura and Dean Boschert P’11, P’07
Ashley and Richard Gillit P’32
Valerie Gordon-Johnson and Doug Johnson Charitable Fund
Liliana and Nikolai Green P’33, P’29
Holly and Daniel Hannum P’32, P’29
Jessica and Tim Hayes P’27, P’24
Jessica and Lance James P’30, P’28
Donna and Jerry Johnson G’33
Morane and Mike Kerek P’22, P’20
Aparna Komatineni and Vijay Eadala P’32, P’30, P’24
Grace and Suneel Kumar P’26, P’25
Hendrika and Chris Layton P’21
Lorn Lee and Perry Sanders P’27, P’20
Christine and William Marcum G’28
Nancy and Michael May P’23
David McDivitt P’31, P’30
Priscilla and Jose Medina P’32, P’30, P’26
Virginia and Richard Morgan P’23
Marisa and Mark Mullins P’33, P’27
Amy and Michael Paschal P’20, P’18
Marcia Quezada and Donald V Gibson P’27
Benjamin Ralston ‘01 and Viive Ralston, P’30
Jill and David Richardi P’21, P’18
Laura and Amir Safayan P’21
Kelli and Peter Scoville P’27, P’25
Lynn and David Shepherd P’30, P’26
Tanya and Matthew Shtatman P’24, P’19
Ermel Tansiongco G’27, G’20, G’16
Donna and Dean Taylor P’20, P’18
Katherine Tuten and Matt Fago P’25
Marga R. Wastalu-Edwards and John Edwards P’26, P’23
Robin and Simon Watson P’23
Diane and Eric Weidman P’17, P’14

Pourtales Society Donors

Pourtales Society: Valedictorian Circle - $500 - $1,961

Connie and Curt Christopherson G’28
Leticia and Ricardo Creel P’17
Ellen and Jason Crow P’20
Dean Foundation Inc.
Breegan and Patrick Deeny ‘01
The Dickson Foundation, Inc.
Peggy and John Fuller P’91, P’88, P’86
Ilise Garvin and Eric Gaylord P’19, P’17
Jennifer Hansen P’23
Cheryl and James Harding
Melissa and Wayne Hoefler P’27
Hollie and Brian Horvath P’26
Donna and Pat James G’30, G’28
Kristin and Brian Kirkland P’31, P’30
Lina and Karey Klaus P’27, P’25
Susan and William Kosar P’08, P’06
Gerry Lui Kuo P’08
Karen and Donald Lawson
Heather Lea P’29
Lorraine Leist ‘88 and Kari Alexander, P’19
Suzy and Jon Marple P’23, P’17, P’16
Dorothy and Ken McLoughlin G’30, G’28
Pro Sports Marketing Ventures & Promotions, Inc.
Katie and Craig Ralston G’30
Mary Lou Risinger
Kara and Randolph Schumacher P’31
Mary Beth and Rex Shaffer P’13
Rose and Chris Toy P’27, P’23
Jeanette Valentin and Joseph Maslak P’30
Vicki Vaughan and Kelly Walker
Judith Walker P’21, P’18
Sarah and Richard Wrenn G’24, G’23
Rebecca and Jason Yarros P’27, P’23, P’25, P’21

Pourtales Society: Cum Laude Circle - $1 - $499

Amanda Abrahams
Marta Kunze and Jose M. Alas P’23, P’18
Amy Johnson-Smith
Avago Technologies
Donald K. Bain G’25, G’22, G’21
Vicky and Joshua Barber P’22
Susan Barker Day Estate
Blisse Beardsley
Justine and Daniel Becker P’20
Deborah Yaffe ‘83 and Alastair Bellany
Rachel Benton ‘79
Jody Bates Bliss
Richard Bowles
Sandy and David Bray
Tim and Judy Bryan
Katherine and Lucas Bullen P’32
Patricia Burke P’22, P’16
Jeff Calhoun
Denise and David Chavez P’22, P’17, P’15
Lisa and Alphonso Cheponis P’24
Alison and Colin Christofferson P’28
Jennifer Clarke and Craig Foster P’29, P’27
Andrew Collins
Jessica and Craig Crovetto P’25
Jocelyn and William Cunha
Liza Dadone and Constantin Pop P’32, P’30
Ronnie and Leo Dadone G’32, G’30
Lori de Juan and Fernando de Juan P’20, P’10
Sara and Josh Derr P’18
Stephanie and Kimball Edwards P’24, P’22
Emily Evans P’30
Debbie Evans G’30
Powys Gadd ‘75
Susan and Mark Gaebler
Julia Gallucci P’23
Michelle and Dan Gates P’30
Samuel Gaudet
Alicia Gold ‘78 and Adam Gold
Caren Goldberg
Simona and John Gould P’23, P’21
Nicole Goyette
Lise Grace ‘82
Melissa J. Hafter and Greg Johnson P’20, P’18
Margaret Hall
Lynn Handford P’00
Erik Hansen P’23
Natalie Hanson
Anne and Mark Hatch P’21, P’19
Sarah Hautzinger and Timothy Ferguson P’21
Sean Hebel P’26
Donna Hedden G’23, G’21
Maureen and Daniel Hill P’24
Lisa and James Hughes P’17
Bernie Jackson P’19, P’17, P’15
Linda Jackson P’19, P’17, P’15
Kimberly and Keith Jarolimek P’23, P’20, P’18
Megan and Robert Johnston P’22, P’20, P’17, P’12
Arifa and Huz Kaderbhai P’31, P’29
Deanna and Derek Kirkham
Amy and John Kunstle P’21, P’17
Kimberly and Timothy Lacey P’26, P’24
Sarah Lathrop P’25
Laura Laucella
Elizabeth Lindeman
Kristin Hutter Longa ‘86 and Lefty Longa
Linda and John Longo
Jessica Lougeay-Benson and David Benson P’32, P’31, P’29, P’27
Gretchen and Michael Maixner P’06
Randi and Michael Malone G’27, G’22, G’19
Payton S. Malone ‘19
Andrea and Ronald Marko
The Mazars USA Philanthropic Fund
Sheilagh McAteer P’12
Caren and James McCurdy P’21
Carrie McKee
Anslee Wolfe and Kari Merritt P’28
Lois and Mike Miller G’27, G’16
Kerrie and Jose Montalvan P’30
Rebecca Johnson Morey ‘69 and David Morey
William Moyes P’13, P’12, P’05
Milton Newell G’23, G’17, G’16
Joann and Thomas Nieman P’19, P’17
Colleen and Doug Nissen
Melissa O’Rear
Abby and Gabriel Ortega P’30, P’23, P’21
Amy and Daniel Pocius P’32
Kathryn A. Sieminski and James Powderly
Dawn and Frog Rainbowstar P’30, P’28
Sarah and John Raslowsky
Mamata and Sridhar Reddy P’24
Sharon Regier P’17
Kaja and Dave Reynolds P’18
Margaret and David Rich
Kathleen Roles P’20
Carolyn and Brett Rubenstein P’27, P’25
Ann Runte
Natellie and Jeff Ryan P’33, P’31
Emily and Alex Schilperoort P’34
Mala B. Setaram-Wolfe and Hans Wolfe P’20, P’17
Mark Shottes ‘01 and Megan Shottes
Barbara Sims G’27, G’25
Jessica Sperling
Regina Splees P’20
Christina Spring ‘03 and Justin Spring
Lori and Ryan Stikeleather P’20
Jessica and Caleb Strickland P’28
Charles B. Taylor ‘01 and Paisley Taylor
Virginia Tenney ‘69 and Duncan Tenney
Joseph Thomas
Ann Petit and Ben Thompson P’22
Joy M. Maguire-Parsons and Richard Thompson P’21
Allison and Casey Thompson P’32, P’29
Katrina Tijerina
Christine and Alvin Turnwald G’30, G’28
Kimberley Tyson ‘77
Christina Valentinas and John Cass P’26
Katie and Ryan Vincent P’23, P’24
Lisa Voight and Craig Griffin P’20
Eleanor Walters
Erika and Richard Ward P’19
Lara and Amos White P’27, P’25
Wendy and Peter Woodbury P’31
Caitlin Risk ‘07 and Adam Yanasak

In the spirit of total thanking, donation totals include gifts made to Annual Fund, Restricted Gifts and Gala Raise Your Paddle.

Additional thanks to our Advancement Committee for your efforts in helping secure these leadership gifts and many more Annual Fund gifts.

Advancement Committee

Diane Smith G’27, G’25 - Advancement Committee Chair
Pio Hocate P’27, P’20, P’16 - Leadership Giving Chair
Tia Ferguson P’11, P’08
Jessica James P’30, P’28
Heather Kelly P’30, P’27
Lorraine Leist ‘88, P’19
Lorie Malone P’27, P’22, P’19
Ben Ralston P’30
Aaron Schubach P’25
Eva R. Stefanac ‘00