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Honor Roll of Donors 2018-2019

Thank you to all those who gave generously to the school’s philanthropic initiatives in 2018-2019. The combination of charitable giving above and beyond tuition payments bridges the gap of the true cost of a CSS education. Our donors gave $424,169 in Annual Fund contributions, many of whom grew their gift by leveraging the Colorado Childcare Tax Credit. Additionally, $59,000 in gifts were contributed to restricted funds for strategic priorities outside of the budget.

The 8-week Annual Fund in the fall focused on parent giving and the Claremont Challenge. Eighty-eight percent of Annual Fund donations were made as leadership gifts through the Claremont Society of $1,500 or more. Leadership donors were called to the Principal’s Office at the Ivywild School to be appreciated. They celebrated the achievement of reaching the Claremont Challenge. During this reception, we always applaud the visionary support of our Lifetime Giving Society, those who have contributed more than $50,000 in combined gifts throughout their history with the school.

Gifts are appreciated at every level, from donors representing current parents, past parents, faculty/staff, Board of Trustees, grandparents, and alumni. Parent participation reached 70%, while 100% of the Board of Trustees and 100% of faculty/staff gave to the Annual Fund.

Proceeds from the Gala & Auction supported student-centered learning. Gala-goers exceeded a fundraising challenge issued by the Board Chair, Pio Hocate. The result was that “Raise Your Paddle” donations soared to new levels, and our Board Chair busted some break-dancing moves for everyone’s amazement! The Gala & Auction netted $131,931.

2019 Worthy: Impact Report (PDF)

Honor Roll of Donors

Our Honor Roll of Donors represents philanthropic gifts made by June 30, 2018, to the school’s Annual Fund, Restricted gift programs, and the Gala’s “Raise Your Paddle” giving opportunity.

Claremont Society Donors

We offer sincere gratitude and appreciation to those donors who have made leadership gifts of $1500 or more in 2018-2019.

Claremont Society: Legacy Leaders - $20,000 and up

Carl George Bjorkman Foundation for Full Steam Ahead
Allison and Will Cabaniss Jr. P’29, P’28, P’27 & Nancy and Ray Swart G’27, G’28, G’29
Melissa and Pio Hocate P’27, P’20, P’19
Amy and John Kunstle P’21, P’17 - Kunstle and Landrum Family
Taryn and Weldon Long P’22
Diane and Bradford Smith G’27, G’25

Claremont Society: Leadership Circle - $10,000 - $19,999
Sarah and Brett Bartz P’31, P’29
Caro and Randy Gardiner P’16, P’14, P’13
Richard Karsh P’24
Heather and Leon Kelly P’30, P’27
Lorie and Clinton Malone P’27, P’22, P’19
Joy and Ian Matteson P’20
Becky and Danny Mientka P’29, P’27
Sathya and Alan Monroe P’27, P’25, P’23
Mrs. William E. Pratt P’22
Diane and Eric Weidman P’17, P’14
Lee Ann and Paul Williams P’23, P’21, P’19

Claremont Society: Sponsors Circle - $5,000 - $9,999
Denise and Derek Cohn P’23, P’21
Patty and Ray Deeny P’05, P’01
Tia and Daniel Ferguson P’11, P’08
Margot Gray and Jeff Gaul P’24, P’21
Emily Johnston P’21 in memory of the J. Michael Johnston Memorial Fund
Yoona Choi and Jung Kim P’19, P’16
Angela and Keith Norvill P’28, P’26
Katharine Leppard and Kevin Patterson P’21
Amy Noffke and Ramin Sarrafizadeh P’32
Laura and Charles Whiteside P’10, P’07

Claremont Society: Benefactors Circle - $3,000 - $4,999
Anonymous (1)
Jennifer and Will Bain P’25, P’22, P’21
Jackie Day and Jose Deocon Jr. P’27, P’26
Michael Edmonds
Anne and Mark Hatch P’21, P’19
Koch Trust
Karen and Michael McDivitt G’31, G’30
Robin and Michael McGrath P’03
Carol and Gil Porat P’26, P’22
Lindsay and Michael Samora P’27, P’25
Anna Sass and Aaron Schubach P’25
Suki and Raymond Thomas P’18, P’17

Claremont Society: Members Circle - $1,500 - $2,999
Merrisue and Brent Baldwin P’26, P’24
Aubryn and Adam Bednar P’32, P’28
Huma and Sana Bhatti P’27, P’24
Lee S. Ehrhart and Tony J. Bigbee P’19, P’19
Laura and Dean Boschert P’11, P’07
Betsy and Ed Carter G’25, G’22
Denise and David Chavez P’22, P’17, P’15
Lisa and Alphonso Cheponis P’24
Jerri and Paul DeCarolis P’18
Breegan and Patrick Deeny ‘01
Jane and Andrew Dillon P’24
Michele and Stanley Dobnikar P’25
Aparna Komatineni and Vijay Eadala P’32, P’30, P’24
Marga R. Wastalu-Edwards and John Edwards P’26, P’23
Stephanie and Kimball Edwards P’24, P’22
Katherine Tuten and Matt Fago P’25
Valerie Gordon Johnson ‘70 and Doug Johnson
Barbara and Larry Gaddis
Loni and Joshua Gardner P’32
Marcia Quezada and Donald V Gibson P’27
Gretchen and Spencer Gresham P’22
Nadja Hunter ‘99
Jessica and Lance James P’30, P’28
Karri and Ben Kaleshefski P’31
Morane and Mike Kerek P’22, P’20
Lina and Karey Klaus P’27, P’25
Kimberly and Timothy Lacey P’26, P’24
Hendrika and Chris Layton P’21
Sarah Brandt and Jeffrey Lee P’32, P’22
Joy M. Maguire-Parsons and Richard Thompson P’21
Christine and William Marcum G’28
Marti and Maurice Markus P’32
Jeanette Valentin and Joseph Maslak P’30
Patrice Matignon P’25
Amy McConnaughy P’21
David McDivitt P’30
Priscilla and Jose Medina P’32, P’26
Robin and James Morley P’16, P’16, P’15, P’12
Jennifer and Jason Mosley P’20
Marisa and Mark Mullins P’32, P’27
Amy and Michael Paschal P’20, P’18
Kristin and Kevin Penn P’26, P’24
Benjamin Ralston ‘01 and Viive Ralston P’30
Monica Miller and Paul Rhee P’23, P’19
Jill and David Richardi P’21, P’18
Laura and Amir Safayan P’21
Lorn Lee and Perry Sanders P’27, P’20
Carol Ann Sass G’25
Kara and Randolph Schumacher P’31
Mariyum Haye and Kashif Shan P’27, P’22
Tanya and Matthew Shtatman P’24, P’19
Eva R. Stefanac ‘00
Rose Marie and Ermel Tansiongco G’27, G’20, G’16
Anne and Clay Taylor P’24, P’17, P’14
Donna and Dean Taylor P’20, P’18
Kim and Dick Walsh P’04, P’02
In honor of faculty, Andrew Julian and Amos White

Pourtales Society Donors

Pourtales Society: Valedictorian Circle - $500 - $1,499
Aerospace Corporation
Kshama Belsare and Pankaj Nashikkar P’21
Jessica and Craig Crovetto P’25
Dean Foundation, Inc.
Jennifer Clarke and Craig Foster P’29, P’27
Nicholas R. D. G. Gardiner ‘13
Ilise Garvin and Eric Gaylord P’19, P’17
Tracey Eubanks and William Griffin P’32, P’28, P’24
Adrienne and David Hawkins P’32
Jessica and Tim Hayes P’27, P’24
Donna and Pat James G’30, G’28
Susan and William Kosar P’08, P’06
Karen and Howard Kunstle G’21, G’17
Sarah Lathrop P’25
Heather Lea P’29
Adrienn Loughmiller and Russell Tellup P’29
Suzy and Jon Marple P’23, P’17, P’16
Sarah McPhee ‘71
Kimberly Mennecke P’29
Lois and Mike Miller G’27, G’16
Joann and Thomas Nieman P’19, P’17
Robert J. Raab, Jr.
Brooke and Bradley Rawls P’32, P’30
Gloria and Alexis Fernandez P’31
Christina Spring ‘03 and Justin Spring
Gayna and Daniel Taylor G’30 G’28
The Dickson Foundation, Inc.
The Starr Foundation
Allison and Casey Thompson P’32, P’29
Vicki Vaughan and Kelly Walker

Pourtales Society: Cum Laude Circle - $1 - $499
Anonymous (1)
Keith Abeles ‘85 and Amy Levin
Amanda Abrahams
Dawn Ashbridge P’21
Phyllis and Kip Ault
Donald K. Bain G’25, G’22, G’21
Vicky and Joshua Barber P’22
Blisse Beardsley
Justine and Daniel Becker P’20
Lucille Bell
Maggie and Michael Beltrami
Jessica Lougeay-Benson and David Benson P’32, P’31, P’29, P’27
Richard Bowles
Peggy and Lance Brown G’19
Lori Burgess
Alison and Colin Christofferson P’28
Mary and Christopher Clark P’12, P’07
Ellen and Jason Crow P’20
Jocelyn and William Cunha
Ronnie and Leo Dadone G’32, G’30
Lori de Juan and Fernando de Juan P’20, P’10
Sara and Josh Derr P’18
Adele DuBay
Krista D. Earp-Bridgmon and Sam Krey P’26
Michelle and Siegfried Eisenberger P’18
Emily Evans P’30
Diane Farrell
Jennifer Fitzpatrick and Anthony Faxon P’34, P’32, P’30
Sarah Hautzinger and Timothy Ferguson P’21
Amaya K. Firestone ‘11 and Benjamin Firestone ‘08
Linda Fredin and Gary Frost G’30
Powys Gadd ‘75
Michelle and Dan Gates P’30
Samuel Gaudet
Tami Goodlette ‘88 and Paul Kim
Nicole Goyette
Lise Grace ‘82
Selenda and Joshua Grimes P’31, P’29
Julie and Ronald Hamilton P’23, P’16
Lynn Handford P’00
Holly and Daniel Hannum P’32, P’29
Natalie Hanson
Peggy and William Haynes P’09, P’08
Jennifer and Robert Hedden P’23, P’21
In honor of Ava and Gernot Heinrichsdorff
Leanne and Steven Hesselberg
Leslie and Justin Hill P’19
Melissa and Wayne Hoefler P’27
Tamzin Holman G’26, G’22, G’19
Jane and Todd Horn
Karen Huff
Lisa and James Hughes P’17
Kristin Hutter Longa ‘86 and Lefty Longa
Bernie Jackson P’19, P’17, P’15
Bruce Jackson G’19, G’17, G’15 - In memory of Rosalind Jackson G’19, G’17, G’15
Linda Jackson P’19, P’17, P’15
Robin and Rio Jacober P’23
Kimberly and Keith Jarolimek P’23, P’20, P’18
Patricia and William Jensen
Melissa J. Hafter and Greg Johnson P’20, P’18
Amy Johnson-Smith
Andrew Julian
Tiffany W. Kelly ‘98 and Shawn Kelly P’31
Deanna and Derek Kirkham
Kristin and Brian Kirkland P’31, P’30
Elizabeth A. Kosar ‘06
Patricia Kule and Paul Malek
Marta Kunze and Jose M. Alas P’18
Kathleen and John Ladowicz G’31, G’29
Melissa Law
Karen and Donald Lawson
Lorraine Leist ‘88 and Kari Alexander, P’19
Elizabeth Lindeman
Linda and John Longo
Laurel Maik P’19, P’17
Gretchen and Michael Maixner P’06
Reema and Ricardo Maldonado P’29
Randi and Michael Malone G’27, G’22, G’19
Andrea and Ronald Marko
Nancy and Michael May P’23
Jay Mayne
Sheilagh McAteer P’12
Carrie McKee
Stacy and Brent Moorhead P’34, P’26
Rebecca Johnson Morey ‘69 and David Morey
William Moyes P’13, P’12, P’05
Todd Nagel
Mala B. Setaram-Wolfe and Hans Wolfe P’20, P’17
Colleen and Doug Nissen
Julie and Jeremy Noel P’23, P’20
Sakiko Ishitsubo and Matthew Noyes P’22
Sean O’Connell
Abby and Gabriel Ortega P’30, P’23, P’21
Ann Petit and Ben Thompson P’22
John B. Pitman II
Liza Dadone and Constantin Pop P’32, P’30
Dawn and Frog Rainbowstar P’30, P’28
Sarah and John Raslowsky
Sharon Regier P’17
Kaja and Dave Reynolds P’18
Margaret and David Rich
Caitlin Risk ‘07 and Adam Yanasak
Kathleen Roles P’20
Georgianne and David Rollman
Ann Runte
Natellie and Jeff Ryan P’32, P’31
Emily and Alex Schilperoot P’34
Kelli and Peter Scoville P’27, P’25
Mary Beth and Rex Shaffer P’13
Mark Shottes ‘01 and Megan Shottes
Kathryn A. Sieminski and James Powderly
Barbara and Harvey Sims G’27, G’25
Kristen Surrett and Nicholas Stipanovich P’32, P’28
Twyla Surritte and Daniel Rodriguez P’11
Mandy and Mike Tasler P’32
Anne Taylor ‘76 and John Richardson
Charles B. Taylor ‘01 and Paisley Taylor
Virginia Tenney ‘69 and Duncan Tenney
Joseph Thomas
Kimberley Tyson ‘77
Katie and Ryan Vincent P’23, P’24
Dawn and Larry Wainright P’27, P’25
Judith Walker P’21, P’18
Eleanor Walters
Erika and Richard Ward P’19
Sarah and William Webb P’31
Jacob Weiss and Audrey Weiss
Jody Welch
Lara and Amos White P’27, P’25
Nancy and Roger Williams G’23, G’21, G’19
Anslee Wolfe and Kari Merritt
Mala B. Setaram-Wolfe and Hans Wolfe P’20, P’17
Wendy and Peter Woodbury P’31
Kimberly Wooten P’18, P’17
Kira Wright ‘91 and Peter Wright ‘91
Deborah Yaffe ‘83 and Alastair Bellany
Rebecca Yaffe ‘85
Gail Warkentin and Paul Young P’18
Aja and Antoine Zamundu P’29, P’26, P’24
Jacqueline Zingsheim

In the spirit of total thanking, donation totals include gifts made to Annual Fund, Restricted Gifts and Gala Raise Your Paddle.

Additional thanks to our Advancement Committee for your efforts in helping secure these leadership gifts and many more Annual Fund gifts.

Advancement Committee

Diane Smith G’27, G’25 - Advancement Committee Chair
Tia Ferguson P’11, P’08
Pio Hocate P’27, P’20, P’16 - Leadership Giving Chair
Jessica James P’30, P’28
Heather Kelly P’30, P’27
Lorraine Leist ‘88, P’19
Lori Malone P’27, P’22, P’19
Aaron Schubach P’25
Eva R. Stefanac ‘00