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Honor Roll of Donors 2016-2017

In 2016-2017, our community exceeded goals and raised $300,809 in Annual Fund contributions. Additionally, $161,500 of gifts were contributed to restricted funds such as scholarships, endowment, specific programs, professional development, security, and technology and capital improvements.

Ninety percent of Annual Fund donations were made through Claremont Society gifts of $1,500 or more. This leadership giving society is critical to the success of reaching the Annual Fund goal. Appreciation was shown for these leadership donors during the Claremont Society reception last fall at the Johnny Martin’s Car Central in the fall. During this reception, we also applauded the visionary support of our Lifetime Giving Society, those who have contributed more than $50,000 in combined gifts throughout the history of the school.

Gifts are appreciated at every level from donors representing current parents, past parents, faculty/staff, Board of Trustees, grandparents and alumni. Parent participation reached 65%, while 100% of the Board of Trustees and 100% of faculty/staff gave to the Annual Fund.

Proceeds from Gala & Auction supported arts and technology programs and the spring event netted $47,479. Community-building events such as Carnival, Fun Run, and Garage Sale championed by the Parents Association netted approximately $40,000 in revenues.

Honor Roll of Donors

Claremont Society Donors

(as of June 30, 2017)

We offer sincere gratitude and appreciation for those who have
made Annual Fund gifts of $1500 or more to the Claremont Society in 2016-2017.

Legacy Leaders $20,000 and up

Heather and Leon Kelly – P’30, P’27
Suki and Ray Thomas – P’18, P’17

Leadership Circle $10,000 - $19,999

Jennifer and Will Bain – P’25, P’22, P’21
Lorie and Clint Malone – P’27, P’22, P’19
*Kathy and John Norsworthy - P’18, P’18
Diane and Brad Smith - G’27, G’25
Diane and Eric Weidman – P’17, P’14

Sponsors Circle $5,000 - $9,999

Mrs. Mary Chenoweth G’25, G’22, G’21
*Patty and Raymond Deeny P’05, P’01
Tia and Dan Ferguson P’11, P’08
Tiffany and Mark Feinberg P’26, P’21
Christopher Franklin and Stacey Franklin P’17
Melissa and Pio Hocate P’27, P’20, P’16
Sathya and Alan Monroe – P’27, P’25, P’23
Megan and Mark Shottes ’01

Benefactors Circle $3,000 - $4,999

Mary Coussons-Read P’20, P’17
*Caro and Randy Gardiner P’13, P’14, P’16
Margot Gray and Jeff Gaul P’24, P’21
Anne and Mark Hatch P’21, P’19
Lina and Karey Klaus P’27, P’25
Lois and Robert Miller G’27
*Linda and Will Pratt G’23
Carol and Gil Porat P’26, P’22
Anne and Clay Taylor P’24, P’17
Donna and Dean Taylor P’20, P’18

Members Circle $1,500 - $2,999

Anonymous (3)
Barbara and Douglas Bradley G’22
*Laura and Dean Boschert P’11, P’07
Janet Bullock G’24 and Suzanne Bullock P’24
Patricia Burke P’22, P’16
Denise and Derek Cohn P’23, P’21
Timothy Coussons G’20, G’17
Jackie and Jose Deocon P’27, P’26
Jerri and Paul DeCarolis P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Deeny ’01
Jane and Andrew Dillon P’24
Dr. Mike Edmonds
*Stephanie and John (Kimball) Edwards P’24, P’22
Dr. Lee S. Ehrhart and Mr. Tony J. Bigbee P’19, P’19
Tracey Eubanks and Bill Griffin P’28, P’24
Jennifer and Dean Fellabaum P’25
Barbara and Larry Gaddis
*Ilise Garvin and Eric Gaylord P’19, P’17
Kernan Giovanini ’85
Gretchen and Spencer Gresham P’22, P’22
Carla and Mike Hassel P’08, P’06
Ms. Nadja Hunter ’99
Jessica and Lance James P’30, P’28
*Morane and Michael Kerek P’22, P’20
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kunstle G’21, G’17
Anita and Phil Lane P’16 P’14
Master Jay K. Lee ’99
Young Lee ’95
Lorn Lee and Perry Sanders P’27, P’20
Kathy Leppard and Kevin Patterson P’21
Brian Manning
Robin and Mike McGrath P’03
Sarah McPhee ’71
Ann and Merle Melvin G’20, G’18
Kimberly Mennecke P’29
Becky and Danny Mientka P’29, P’27
*The Martinez-Vivot Family P’17, P’15
Jean Norsworthy G’18
Brooke and Brad Rawls P’30
*Lindsay and Michael Samora - P’27, P’25
*Anna Sass and Aaron Schubach P’25
Erin Sokol and Henry Fricke P’22
Allison and Casey Thompson P’29
Dr. Thomas Vorpahl G’24, G’24, G’21
Dawn and Larry Wainwright P’27, P’25
Linda and David Warhoe P’18
Paul and Lee Ann Williams P’23, P’21, P’19
Rebecca and Jason Yarros P’27, P’25, P’23, P’21

Restricted Giving Major Gifts Above $1,500

We offer sincere gratitude and appreciation for those who have
made restricted gifts of $1500 or more in 2016-2017.

“Beyond the Annual Fund”
Anonymous for Alumni Reunion
Anonymous for School Security (4)
Estate of Susan Barker Day ’70 for Scholarships
Carl George Bjorkman Foundation for Full Steam Ahead
Patricia Burke for College Counseling
Betsy and Warren Dean P’10, P’09, P’07 for Scholarships
Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation for Full Steam Ahead
Ben Harvey P’25 and Northwestern Mutual for Shakespeare Workshop
Jen and Robert Hedden P’23, P’20 for Seminar Preparation Fund
Sarah J. Hoiles Foundation for Professional Development
Parents Association of The Colorado Springs School
Lindsay and Mike Samora P’27, P’25 for Professional Development

Pourtales Society

$1499 - $500

Mr. Keith Abeles ‘85 and Amy Levin
Aerospace Corporation
Dr. Darby L. Affeldt ‘85 and Dr. Christian Affeldt
Ms. Ginger Arwadi ‘89 and Mr. Nabil Arwadi
*Monica and Mick Backsen P’22
Denise and David Chavez P’19, P’17, P’16
Leticia Montemayor de Creel and Ricardo Creel
Margaret and Alan Churchill P’17, P’15
The Dickson Foundation, Inc.
Jordan Emmart ‘95 and Daniel Kramer
Peggy and John Fuller P’91, P’88, P’86
Mame Gale ‘76
Marcia Quezada and Donald Gibson P’27
Valerie Gordon-Johnson ‘70 and Doug Johnson
Hope Hartman ‘85
Sarah Hautzinger and Tim Ferguson P’21
Leslie and Justin Hill P’19
Estate of Jesse Chapman Lay
Hendrika and Chris Layton P’21
Karen and Donald Lawson
Heather Lea P’29
*Kelley Lockhart and Richard Ehrich P’28
Suzy and John Marple P’23, P’17, P’16
Peggy and Graham Martin P’98, P’99, P’01
Carol and Peter Mayberry
Amy and Simon Momber P’27, P’24
Joann and Tom Nieman P’19, P’17
Kristen and Kevin Penn P’26, P’24
Donald Gibson and Marcia Quezada P’27
Jill and David Richardi P’21, P’18
Jennifer and Eric Richter P’23, P’20
Gail and Thomas Rollinger G’23
Laura and Amir Safayan P’21
*Carol Ann Sass G’25
Nicolette and Lester Scofield P’30
In honor of Elizabeth Hail Smith ‘74
*Christina McGrath Spring ‘03 and Justin Spring
Rose Marie and Ermel Tansiongco G’27, G’20, G’16
Gail Warkentin and Paul Young P’18
Laura and Charlie Whiteside P’10, P’07

$499 - $1

Anonymous (2)
Amanda Abrahams
Susan and Al Adams
Elizabeth Allan ‘80
In memory of Eve Anderson ‘88
Bette Anterra
Dawn Ashbridge P’21
Cynthia Aylesworth-Heatley ‘81
Blisse Beardsley
Maggie and Michael Beltrami
Maria and John Benitz ‘83
Jessica Lougeay-Benson and David Benson P’29, P’27
Laura and William Bennison
Ivy and John Bigbee G’19, G’19
Sandy and David Bray
Peggy and Lance Brown G’19
Judy and Tim Bryan
Jocelyn Burke
Chris Cadigan P’01
Shanea Wilson-Campbell and Alton Campbell P’29
Lisa and A.J. Cheponis P’24
Steve Chong ‘85
*Jennifer Clarke and Craig Foster P’29, P’27
Scott Costello ‘84
Ellen and Jason Crow P’20
Benjamin Custer ‘02
Lori and Matthew Dagostino P’23
Lori de Juan and Fernando de Juan
Sarah and Josh Derr
Kathleen and Patrick Devanny P’24, P’21, P’21
Max Fagin ‘06
Geralyn and Mark Farwell P’17, P’14
Camilla and Matt Fields ‘81
Amaya (Rodriguez) ‘11 and Ben Firestone ‘08
Tanya and Michael Fischer P’25
FrontStream Holdings LLC
Powys Gadd ‘75
Laura and Joseph Garrett ‘P’23
Michelle and Dan Gates P’30
Simona and John Gould P’23, P’21
Nicole Goyette
Cynthia Grace ‘86
Lise Grace ‘82
Suzanne and Jerry Graham P’18, P’15, P’06, P’04, P’03, P’01, P’95
Melissa Hafter and Greg Johnson P’18, P’20
Bruce Hamilton
Julie and Ronald Hamilton P’23, P’16
Holly and Daniel Hannum P’29
Natalie Hanson
Donna and Norbert Hart P’31
Peggy and Rusty Haynes P’09, P’08
Jennifer and Robert Hedden P’23, P’21
Debra and Tyson Herman P’24
Leanne and Steve Hesselberg
Tyler Hibbard ‘01
Ms. Annette Hines ‘68
Clarissa and Michael Hobson P’30
Amanda and Michael Hochman ‘97
*Melissa and Wayne Hoefler P’27
Griffin and Terri Hoover P’27
Ms. Jane Booty Horn and Mr. Todd Horn
Lisa and Jim Hughes P’17
Elaine and Mark Humphries
Kristin Hutter Longa ‘86 and Lefty Longa
Bruce Jackson MD G’19, G’17, G’15
Bernie G. Jackson P’19, P’17, P’15
Linda Jackson P’19, P’17, P’15
Donna and Pat James G’30, G’28
Jennifer ‘85 and Jay Fuller
Patricia and Bill Jensen
Amy Johnson-Smith
Maggi Johnson P’08
Misti and Robert Johnston P’22, P’20, P’17, P’12
Andrew Julian
Karri and Ben Kaleshefski P’31
Richard Karsh P’24
Laura Kelly ‘86
Amy Kemper ‘86
Ms. Elizabeth A. Kosar ‘06
Marta Kunze and Jose Alas P’18
Kimberly and Timothy Lacey P’26, P’24
In honor of Amelia ‘31 and Julian Bundy-Ladowicz ‘29
Libby and Stephen Leachman P’19, P’17
Carol and Nelson Lebo P’22
Mr. Yong Beom Lee and Mrs. Eun Kyung Choi P’17
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee
Ginger Littleton
Robert Lomax
Taryn and Wally Long P’22
Linda and John Longo
Cindy and Bob Long P’16
Lora Looney ‘83
Adrienne Loughmiller and Russell Tellup P’29
Laurel A. Maik P’19, P’17
Randi and Michael Malone G’27, G’22, G’19
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Marko
Sheilagh McAteer P’12
Suzanne and Lt. Col. Robert McNellis P’30
Priscilla and Jose Medina P’26
Rev. Vaughan and Kevin McTernan P’99
Jose Montlavan and Kerrie Bohannon P’30
Stacy and Brent Moorhead P’26
Bill Moyes P’13, P’12, P’05
Alison and Josh Nacht ‘92
Helen and Milt Newell G’23, G’17, G’16
Colleen and Doug Nissen
Julie and Lt. Col. Jeremy Noel P’23, P’20
Anthony J. O’Brien ‘75
Scott Olds ‘81 and Roy Bailey
Hilogene Oltman ‘74 and Stuart Oltman
Lynne Osborne
Amy and Mike Paschal P’20, P’18
*Brenna and Mike Payne P’29
Dawn and Frog Rainbowstar P’30, P’28
Sarah and John Raslowsky
Michille and Shannon Reickert P’26, P’24
Kaja and Dave Reynolds
Dave and Margaret Rich
Anita and Rick Risk
Georgina and David Rollman
Sharon Rieger and Wally Roy P’17
Carolyn and Brett Rubenstein P’27, P’25
Ann Runte
*Natellie and Jeff Ryan P’31
Emily and Alex Schilperoort
Dorothy Schwartz G’18
Mala Setaram-Wolfe and Hans Wolfe P’20, P’17
Mary Beth and Rex Shaffer P’13
Julia and Birge Shulman P’28
Allison and Jedd Sims P’30, P’28
Twyla Surritte and Dan Rodriguez P’11
Anne Taylor ‘76 and John Richardson
Paisley and Charles (Chase) Taylor ‘01
Virginia ‘69 and Duncan Tenney
The Kula Foundation
Deb Grohs and Roger Tucker
Ms. Kimberley Tyson ‘77
Mr. Russell T. Tutt, IV ‘08
Vaughan & Walker Photography
Betsy and Gil Vasquez
Monica Violante and Jaimie Fletcher
Judy Walker P’21, P’18
Eleanor Walters
Erika and Richard Ward P’19
Marilyn and John Webster G’28
Heather and Scott Whitbeck P’19
Lara and Amos White P’27
Krista Wills
Sandra and Michael Woll P’21, P’23
Kimberly and Carl Wooten P’18, P’17
Rebecca Yaffe ‘85
Deborah Yaffe ‘83 and Alastair Bellany

* In the spirit of total thanking, those with asterisks include Gala Raise Your Paddle gifts as well.

Additional thanks to our Advancement Committee for your efforts in helping secure these leadership gifts and many more Annual Fund gifts.

Advancement Committee

Pio Hocate, Leadership Giving Chair
Jennifer Bain, Board Chair
Patty Deeny - past parent
Christopher Franklin
Mark Shottes ‘01
Christina McGrath Spring ‘03