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Mylin, Nathan

Lower School Division Director


Mylin, Nathan

Lower School Division Director

School Management and Leadership Certification, Roehampton University

M.S. Ed, EPPSP, Educational Administration, Butler University

B.S. Mathematics and Physics, Butler University

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I love art and am an avid collector of antiques and historical items.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

The power to go back in time, so I could meet some of the great minds and spirits who have made an impact upon the world, like Abraham Lincoln, Alice Paul, MLK, and Lucille Ball, too, who made me laugh so much!

What draws you to working with students?

Educators have the important task of engaging and teaching children. I love the challenge of finding what makes kids tick and choosing the right approach, creativity, humor, and productive struggle that will inspire and empower them to think for themselves and want to learn more.

What is one thing you enjoy about CSS?

I am just beginning my CSS journey, but I am inspired by our long-standing commitment to outdoor education, experiential learning, and using best progressive practices in the classroom.

What is your favorite spot in the world?

I love Scotland's breathtaking coasts, hillwalking its countryside, and exploring my favorite capital city of Edinburgh.

Mr. Mylin is an award-winning educator with more than 25 years of academic leadership experience both domestically and abroad, including a certification in School Management and Leadership from Roehampton University in England. He comes to CSS from Traders Point Christian Schools (TPCS) in Indiana, where he has served as elementary and middle school principal since 2018.

Throughout his tenure at TPCS – home to approximately 615 students – Mr. Mylin has played an integral role in revamping the school’s culture to include a vibrant outdoor and environmental education component as well as enhanced curriculum standards with an emphasis on engaging, hands-on science, mathematics, and social-emotional learning.

Prior to his time at TPCS, Mr. Mylin served as housemaster and head of junior boarding for a top-ranked independent boarding school, Merchiston Castle School in the United Kingdom, and spent five years as STEM coordinator and teacher at The Orchard School in Indianapolis. His 29-year teaching career in the field of STEM ranges from math and science to physics and calculus courses.

A former Wilderness Leader for Cottonwood Gulch Organization, he looks forward to exploring the Pikes Peak region with his rising 9th-grade son, Renner, and wife, Heather.