Friday, 18 Mar 2022

Youngest Thespians Wrap Up Dessert Theatre Season

Kindergarten: Swimmy Swimmy is the fastest fish in his school. How will Swimmy and his friend trick bigger fish into swimming away from their little …

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Friday, 04 Mar 2022

2nd & 4th Graders Perform in Dessert Theatre

2nd Grade: The Toy Machine The King has decided to save the Kingdom of Melichor using a Toy Machine that makes live toys. He will sell these toys and…

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Monday, 28 Feb 2022

Healthy Eating at CSS: A Win-Win for Farmers & Families

Chef Lori Burgess of The Colorado Springs School provides students in PreKindergarten through grade 12 with nutritious, homemade meals made fresh fro…

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Friday, 25 Feb 2022

1st Graders Present People Who Changed the World

Each year, first-grade students participate in the research project People Who Changed the World – formerly known as Famous Americans – a longtime tr…

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Monday, 31 Jan 2022

Dessert Theatre Season Kicks off with Grades 3 & 5

3rd Grade: Surfing the Solar System This show performance is full of fun facts about each planet and pulls from what 3rd-grade students are studying …

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Children's School Friday, 14 Jan 2022

5th Graders Experience Ellis Island through Simulation

The Class of 2029 dressed in period clothing on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, to participate in the 5th grade annual Ellis Island Simulation. Each yea…

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Monday, 03 Jan 2022

Challenges and Successes: A year in the life of Tambi Tyler, Head of The Colorado Springs School

By Libby KinderDecember 22, 2021Cheyenne Edition of The GazetteTambi L. Tyler has faced down a global pandemic over the past 19 months in her role a…

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Monday, 13 Dec 2021

Kodiaks, Carols & Cocoa Reimagined

Though frigid temps and high winds prevented Kodiaks, Carols & Cocoa (KCC) from happening last Friday evening, the show went on today! Both vocal…

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Tuesday, 07 Dec 2021

Middle School Thespians Earn Laughs During Bad Murder Mystery and Play

All I Really Need to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play peels back a tattered curtain to examine the process of putting on a show that is less tha…

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