• Children's School Geography Day

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  • Artwork displayed in the Louisa Performing Arts Center

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  • Every Class.

  • 8th Grade Walkabout in the desert of Utah

    Every Day.

  • The Colorado Springs School Upper School Classroom

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Welcome to The Colorado Springs School!


New Hires & New Year

July 02, 2015 Dear CSS Community, Great schools are defined by the quality of their teachers and the...
Elaine Humphries earned the distinction as the Sarah H. Hoiles award winner.

2015 Presentation of Faculty Awards

May 27, 2015 During the 50th Commencement Exercises the three highest faculty awards were presented by Head of...
Becka Jackson '15, Longevity Award

2015 Presentation of Students Awards

May 26, 2015 During the 50th Commencement Exercises the following awards were bestowed to students. ...
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