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Zooming and Booming

March 17, 2021

Monday was a pretty relaxed day because there was a snow day. We logged onto zoom at 8:45 a.m. and Dr. Longo explained how the day would work. We worked on finishing scripts. During a 20-minute check-in with Dr. Longo, he read one of the character’s lines and we read the other part. Then he told us what he liked, and what he thought we should change. Hannah decided that her characters, Dorothy and Bella, would break the 4th wall and talk to the audience. This was really helpful in making Hannah’s play, about two candidates for mayor in a small town, clearer and easier to understand.

On Tuesday morning, the class worked on revising our plays, then we went to Luisa Performing Arts Center for the morning. After a quick movement exercise, we were given scripts to act, chose a line to “memorize,” and practiced projecting our voices. Then we walked around the stage and practiced delivering lines. For example, when we walked past someone, we had to make eye contact and experiment with different ways to say our lines (anger, joy, sadness). Once we were done, the people who were not acting yet sat down in the back and we listened to the plays as they were. This was particularly helpful to get ideas and feedback on our plays, so we could make some changes that will enhance them. In the afternoon, we went to the West Side Community Center, played a few games, and acted out a few more of the plays that we had written. Matilda played the role of an artist content on staying at a park to finish a painting. What we all really got out of the whole experience was that you have to listen to your fellow actors on stage, project your voice, and not be afraid to make a fool of yourself!