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Youngest Thespians Wrap Up Dessert Theatre Season

Dessert Theatre, which began more than 45 years ago at The Colorado Springs School, is more than just acting. The program allows students in Kindergarten through grade 5 the freedom to explore the world through characters while solving problems and growing their communication skills and confidence. Theatre is a truly collaborative art form in which children learn to be responsible for themselves and others. This social cooperation reinforces and motivates positive behavior and builds personal integrity. The art of presenting theatre also engages whole minds through the genuine application of literacy and the integration of knowledge across the curriculum.

Kindergarten: Swimmy

Swimmy is the fastest fish in his school. How will Swimmy and his friend trick bigger fish into swimming away from their little corner of the sea?

1st Grade: Who's in Rabbit's House?

For a group of forest animals, every day is the same until – one day – Rabbit is locked out of his own house! Who could be inside?