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Yellowstone| The Best Things in Life are Wild and Free

March 15, 2018

Chilly morning air, stars dotting the dark sky, and breath freezing to sparkling clouds in an instant. We started our day like the animals we were searching for: rising with the sun into the frosty winter. We loaded groggily into the cans and made for an overlook to watch for wolves. Although they seem to be far from us genealogically, listening to Rick McIntyre, a retired park service interpreter with 26 years of experiences, I realized that we share some hidden similarities with these incredible creatures. Rick shared a story of a wolf killed at the hands (or paws) or an enemy pack. Instead of risking the exposure of his family’s location to the enemy clan, this wolf fought 8 rival wolves alone. Rick also shared a story of an alpha world caring for a mentally-ill pup when no other wolf would. The stories and the countless others Rick could tell reveal the human-like characteristics you can find in wolves. We all share compassion, love, and kindness. It was shocking to me to see these traits shared by humans and wolves. Despite thousands of years of divergent evolution, we can still see parts of ourselves reflected in these creatures of Yellowstone.