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Yellowstone| Pictures of Success

March 21, 2018

‘ECS.’ When CSS students hear this word, they get excited; many think that they can rest up from their repetitive and hard school days. However, ECS is not supposed to be a rest period. It is an ‘Experience Centered Seminar.’ Students are supposed to experience something new that they would not get to do during normal school time.

In Yellowstone ECS, students completed many different activities that they would not experience in usual life: snowshoeing, tracking ungulates using telemetries, collecting ungulates’ scats, getting data from snow, and eating the same sandwiches eight days in a row. From these unique experiences, the students got to learn many new skills and life lessons. The students learned about few different controversies about wildlife such as the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone and bison-management issue. The students also got to think in different perspectives and listen to others’ diversified opinions. These unforgettable experiences are well-suited for the purpose of ECS. I could say that we all drew our own Picture of Success in Yellowstone ECS.