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Yellowstone| For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People

March 17, 2018

Few gifts are greater than community service. Service incorporates kindness and a sort of sacrifice. Service is a pivotal act that is critical for any functioning community. When people give their time and energy, unselfishly, for the benefit of others, a miraculous transformation occurs. We helped clear fencing and tree stakes for the Bison Team biologists of Yellowstone as a thank you for allowing us to help them with their ungulate research.

However, we were not just serving the Bison Team, but all of our nation’s people, as the national park below to us: the people. The park isn’t owned by the rich and powerful but by everybody. This is an American idea that runs straight through the veins of our patriotism and service. While I understand that our short-lived service was extremely helpful to the Bison Team, I felt a desire to do more. I felt that while we were a great help, that our bodies and minds could have been put to even better use for the park. The experience was still fulfilling because, as the Roosevelt Arch in front of the park states, the park is “For the benefit and enjoyment of the people.” With this in mind, it is our responsibility to preserve and protect our national parks for the betterment of others, ourselves, our nation, and its miraculous wildlife.