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Yellowstone | Boots Filled With Water

March 14, 2018

Would you be willing to walk 1.5 miles in soaking wet boots with heavy, wet socks? What if you had already been hiking for 2.5 miles uphill and downhill covered with snow and mud? Most people would not do it, but we went through this hard journey for our research project. To complete this journey without any problems, we needed some specific qualities such as patience and endurance. Not only is hiking in wet boots hard, but also trying to track down moving mule deer. Since the mule deer that we are tracking kept moving, we also had to keep moving. We even had to cross a river to get where they were to collect data from their scats and surrounding snow. We really needed patience and endurance while crossing the river. There are many other circumstances in our lives when we need these two qualities. Life does not always work how we want it to. However, we will have to develop these qualities to keep ourselves moving forward when we are experiences those uphill battles.

The Yellowstone ECS is doing ecological research with Ecology Project International.

Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday Joosung! You will see from the party streamers in the lodge that they celebrated his birthday ECS style!