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Yellowstone| Aches, Pains, Breaks, and Sprains: A Day of Wilderness First Aid

March 09, 2018

What is the most useful skillset you’ve learned in your life? Although you may think of communication or social skills, there’s one specific skillset that is valued above all. What if you’re climbing a mountain and have a mishap with wildlife? Or backpacking and suffer a nasty fall? For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, wilderness first aid is a necessary skill. With our two day participation in a NOLS Wilderness First Aid course, we learned techniques for surviving problems outdoors. We learned how to deal with broken bones, head injuries, and whose feeling ill. We also learned about blood, hypothermia, and sores. We learned a whole lot of information in those two quick days. What we learned now has the potential to help us later on. Although maybe not the most necessary to regular life, our new Wildness First Aid skills could help us in so many ways. If faced with medical problems in Yellowstone, or other times in the wilderness, we will be sure to know how to respond.Modeling head blocks and an improvised cervical collar

Modeling head blocks and an improvised cervical collar