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Writers Gym ECS | Final Considerations: Polishing and Publishing

March 22, 2019

Writers Gym ECS

Brooke A. ‘21: Wondering how to publish our pieces after three weeks of work, The Writers Gym heard from Rebecca Yarros on our final Tuesday. She has published 14 books, both traditionally and through the “self-publishing” process. A lot of hard work goes into publishing books. . When traditionally publishing, many people are involved—a literary agent, proofreader, marketing director, personal publicist, book publicist, front cover artist, and a copy editor for the back cover and catalog. Getting an agent is the first step in the publishing process, and hopefully the others will follow! Rebecca Yarros wrote her first book and had 22 different revisions by assorted editors.To self-publish, all of the same people are needed but the writer needs to find them without an agent. We learned a lot about how to publish our books if and when some of us become professional writers. Thank you Rebecca Yarros for teaching us how to publish our creations.

CiCi J. ‘20: In the last three days of our ECS, we focused on polishing our final writing projects. In the morning, we practiced word choice as our warm-up. However, for most of the time, everyone worked in different places and tried to make their writings look and sound as good as possible. Some people asked peers to proofread their writing; others discussed with teachers and made revisions based on the suggestions. On the last day, we had a celebration of writing. Everyone shared what did they learned from our speakers that they used in their project, read their excerpt/selection, and commented on how will they use what they learned in the future. It is really nice to see that some people related one passion to their writing, some people used techniques they learned over the ECS in their writings, and some people are planning to publish their articles in local newspapers. Everyone was so amazed how fast this ECS went and how much they learned through the seminar.

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Writers Gym ECS