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Welcome to the Tall Ships ECS

February 02, 2016

Set sail on either the Irving or the Exy Johnson, a 110-foot, two-masted square topsail brigantine. The ship sails the Northern Channel Islands, from San Pedro Bay, CA. While aboard for 11 days, students learn the basics of sailing, coastal navigation, seamanship, small boat handling, marine biology, and oceanography. The students participate as a crew member assisting in raising and setting the sails, manning the helm, calculating and charting the course, standing watch, and performing hourly boat checks. Daily lessons also include the physics of sailing, wave mechanics, ship operations, snorkeling, and possibly sea kayaking. While on the Ship, a variety of local stops further connect the students to marine life, biology, and sea-life. Prior to setting sail, students delve into the lore of the sea through fictional and historical accounts of maritime feats. Critical to the ECS is teamwork, cooperation, responsibility, and environmental stewardship.