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Virtual Reality ECS | Exploring 3D Creations

March 09, 2019

Orlando M. ‘21

Our first day started by getting introduced to the world of 3D creation. We all got to make scenes with a theme and some kind of story. We learned to create the people, animals, and objects in our scene through the platform CoSpace. We were able to build structures and fill the creations with assets (characters). We took some time to create the scenes and then we got “user feedback” which was when are classmates got to check out our creations. I created a scene with a castle and some crazy stuff happening all along the land/grid. The first days honestly got me being creative and taught my how in Virtual Reality, I needed to no how to both use CoSpace in an engaging way that would be creative. We would eventually learn how to give even more life to our scene through movement and “if” statements. Now I could have animals flying through the sky attacking the castle, which gave a really fun cinematic look that was eye catching (especially when you created it!). We got a lesson which would make a scene more impressive using “if” statements. The “if” statements made it so that you could unlock a door with and only if you had a key. Maybe you couldn’t leave a house without eating a burger - it all become creation based.

Jack Y. ‘19

Our first introduction to the platform, CoSpace, was a huge success. After a short learning process, we are given the freedom to create our own 3D world. It turned out to be immensely fun as this software allows the assembly of many 3D elements that can eventually be animated to imitate real life items or even people. We expressed our individuality and creativity in the creation of this first assignment, and afterwards, the experience was shared among the class and commentated by everyone. Constructive suggestions were also given to each piece so that we could improve upon the skills. The ideas that we have to consider the users’ experiences while creating the VR world are thrilling as we feel we are designing actual games that can be enjoyed through this platform. We are setting out to learning how to manipulate other interactive elements in the next few days of the ECS, eventually equipping ourselves with the skills of developing a game-like experience without any help.

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Virtual Reality ECS