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Students and Faculty Honored at Upper School Awards Ceremony

On Friday, May 20, 2022, parents, faculty, and students celebrated several distinguished individuals during the Upper School's annual Awards Ceremony and Senior Art Show in the Louisa Performing Arts Center. Congratulations to all who received recognition! The summary of award recipients is as follows:


Kodiak Scholar-Athlete Award: Shively K. '22
Kodiak Male Athlete of the Year:
James H. '22
Kodiak Female Athlete of Year:
Mia C. '22

Triple-Threat Athlete:
James H. '22, Nathan S. '24, Andrew H. '23, Ben E. '24, John B. '24, Alexander K. '25, Mia C. '22, Shively K. '22, Mia L. '24, Taylor H. '23, Francesca P. '23, Ella B. '22, Luiza W. '22, and Imogen M. '24

College Board AP Scholars

AP Scholar: Graham B. '22, Mia C. '22, Shively K. '22, Chloe L. '22, and Sasha M. '22
AP Scholar with Honor:
Finnegan T. '22
AP Scholar with Distinction:
Audrey B. '22

Distinguished College Scholarships

The 18 seniors in the Class of 2022 were offered $5.3M in scholarships.

Special Student Recognition

Gazette's Best & Brightest for 2022: Mia C. '22

Community Service Awards
100- to 200-hour Club:
Leksi E. '23, Sasha M. '22, Carissa L. '23, Cailan R. '23, Imogen M. '24, Oliver P. '24, and Kate F. '25
200- to 300-hour Club:
Taryn C. '22, Mia C. '22, Camille A. '23, and Chloe L. 22
300- to 400-hour Club:
Alex H. '24
500- to 600-hour Club:
Ahna W. '24 with 579 hours

Exemplary Character Award:
Essa S. '22

International Student Award: Luiza W. '22

Department Awards

English Award: Chloe L. '22
Art Award:
Chloe L. '22
Permanent Art Collection Award: Ella B. '22
Band Award:
Aiden B. '22 and James H. '22
Vocal Ensemble Award:
Haegan M. '23
Drama Award:
Chloe L. '22 and Finnegan T. '22
Spanish Award:
Zach T. '23
French Award:
Haegan M. '23
History Award:
Carissa L. '23
Mathematics Award:
Nathan G. '23
Science Award:
Finnegan T. '22
Technology Award:
Finnegan T. '22

Student-Nominated Awards

Cup of ’82: Landon M. '23
Club Award:
Green Team - accepted by Carissa L. '23 (President) and Morgan J. '23 (Vice President)
Forum Award:
Noah N. '22
Mary Wicks Award:
Mr. Greg Johnson, CSS faculty member for 36 years
Yearbook Dedication:
Mr. Greg Johnson
Senior Gift:
Planting a new tree by the pergolas to give the outside classroom shade