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The Stain Day

March 09, 2021

To start off the new week, we started the day learning how to stain bacterial slide samples and what different colors mean. Later in the afternoon, we worked with spreadsheets and learned how to use certain equations to get different outcomes. I found the dying of samples very interesting. It was cool how different colors of dye could show me what a cell had in its cell wall. I also enjoyed learning how to input equations into a spreadsheet. I like how I am able to use data that I already have along with a few simple equations to make a prediction of where the data could go. I think that this skill will come in handy in the future. I would say that the hardest thing that I did today was work with spreadsheets. I am not the most tech savvy person so I found it a little difficult at first. I took away the ability to use a spreadsheet to its fullest potential. I also found that I enjoyed using my microscope a lot. I found that I was getting better at bringing samples into focus. Today was one of my favorite days so far.