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The Great Iron Pour | Course Description

February 15, 2018

The Great Iron Pour

Essential Question: Through hands-on immersion into historic techniques and processes, study of
metallurgy, chemistry, materials science and industry, as well as working with professional sculptors, can
we come to a clear understanding of the enormous significance of the age of metals while developing a
personal aesthetic relationship with cast iron as an artistic medium?

The Iron Pour ECS is a hands-on immersion into the world of making and pouring molten metal to create
art. The course involves a historic study of the discovery and use of metals, the industry of iron and steel
making, the chemistry of metals and refractory materials, and sculpting in wax, clay, and other mediums.
Student art is informed by exposure to galleries, museums, and by visiting artists. Iron casting is
physically demanding, and teamwork is important as the whole class moves together toward the goal of
melting iron and pouring it into molds to make art. This course also includes the pouring of aluminum and
bronze, and students learn basic steel forging and welding.

Instructors: Hans Wolfe and Adele DuBay