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Tanzania | Hard Work on the Water Tanks

March 05, 2016

The team of masons constructed the rebar frame of the water tank On the second day in the village, we continued to work on the tanks. We set up the tank frames, wrapped them in chicken wire, and some groups even got to start putting on the first layer of plaster. During this day we really saw the tank start to take shape, and it made us feel so accomplished to see such a big, meaningful project come together. We got to know the families more and also played with the children, which was a lot of fun. One group played soccer with a hacky sack. They left the kicking toy with their host kids and later saw them playing with it on their own. At dinner, we discussed challenges people had during the day. A big one was the language barrier because it made it very difficult for us to communicate with the masons and our host families. We tried our best to speak in Swahili with them when we could, but we only knew very basic vocabulary. Another obstacle was the oppressive heat, which reminded us all of the importance of frequent sunscreen application and water drinking. We are excited to see what the next day holds for us and what new challenges we face when we move into the next stage of the water project.

The team of masons constructed the rebar frame of the water tank