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Studio Glass ECS | Today Was Special

March 05, 2020

Today was special. Waking up to the sea breeze in my hair and a chill touch to my face I rolled out of bed to the sound of a thousand voices, my 18 family members. Well, at least for the next two weeks.

Today was a special day for many reasons, for one we got to work with a different type of glass, borosilicate glass. Borosilicate is a form of glass that has a COE (Coefficient of Expansion) of about 34. Meaning that it requires more heat in order to melt!

Today the day seemed to fly by as fast as a car on the interstate. We started out the day working on more fish, this time the borosilicate kind. Most people had experienced frustration and anger when they worked on it finding it harder to mold and shape the glass. However, for me the glass was perfect! The way it sucked up and contained the heat was spot on for my style. I blew past the two first fish to be awarded a small break where I ate and relaxed for a few minutes.

For lunch, we came back to the house and ate sandwich wraps made by the junior boys! Thanks, guys! When we returned to the studio, we started on our second project of the day, making hedgehogs. The sun set and everyone tiredly came home again to eat a warm stir fry while playing board games in front of the fire. Overall today was one of the best so far on our ECS!!!