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CSS Community Enjoys STEAM Day and Fun Run

Students in Lower and Middle School engaged in hands-on activities during CSS's 2nd annual STEAM Day on April 21, 2023. The event included a return visit from the ever-popular Cool Science with demonstrations on Newton's Law of Motion and other physics concepts. Students also participated in several experiments led by CaveSim such as crawling through a squeezebox to experience how tight caving can be, as well as being placed in a stretcher and pulled through the squeezebox to experience a simulated cave rescue. They also learned first-hand how cave rescues work via the CaveSim Vertical Caving Tower as students hoisted each other using a pulley system. Other activities included taking on the role of bats to experience how they travel, building robots for Bot Battles, and a geology and archaeology station in the playground sandbox. Upper School students volunteered at stations to help guide and teach our younger Kodiaks.

The jam-packed day was followed by Fun Run, a campus-wide event sponsored by the Parents Association, which also helped fund STEAM Day. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who joined!